First a website, then a podcast, and now an Etsy shop… you’re mad I here you say!

Yes that’s right, we have just launched an Etsy shop, which you can find here

The purpose of this shop is two-fold…

  1. To help people (you lovely people) buy famous wise quotes. These wall art quotes can be placed on your walls at home, office or shop. Your friends, family, neighbours will be very impressed.
  2. To make Wise Owl Quotes an income stream, without this we just won’t be able to grow and maintain the site.

We only have handful of wall…

Now the site is up and running, a podcast has also been launched.

This gives you lovers of quotes a chance to listen to some of the wisest quotes the human race has created while washing the dishes or going for a walk.

People may think it is strange just reading out quotes for a few minutes.

However, podcasts are a great way of absorbing information and entertainment.

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So make sure you subscribe to the Wise Owl Quotes Podcast. It is on all major podcast platforms.

We are up to about 7 episodes so far. The plan is to release one per week every Monday.

This is so you can start off the week with positive and inspirational vibes.

Why Quotes?

Yes good point, why quotes indeed.

Well as I have explained on the about page of the Wise Owl Quotes website, I have been collected quotes for many years now. I have saved these quotes on my phone, on paper, on a Trello board and many other places.

Building a specific site for quotes is a great way of storing and organising these quotes.

It is also a great way to share these quotes with the wider world.

The website is only focusing on wise quotes. Quotes that will stimulate your mind.

There will be no quotes about…

Wise Owl Quotes

Discovering the wisest quotes known to man (and woman)

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