Profit Trailer- Bot review, ultimate Profit Trailer settings. Bitcoin Cryptobot that makes lots of money!

Profit Trailer- review, settings and ultimate strategy guide.

This article is the ultimate guide to Profit Trailer on the internet. No one else has provided as much information in one go about what it is, the different settings, and how to use it effectively. I am am an experienced botter and trader and have far more knowledge than most users and have conducted hours of tests as well as analysing price movements and hundreds of charts. This is pretty much everything you need to know to get you to make money with Profit Trailer stripping away the mystery and showing you what a devastingly powerful tool it can be, plus managing risk and knowing how to trade with high level security.

Why bot trading with Profit Trailer?

First of all it goes without saying a lot of traders don’t use bots or like the idea of using bots. Is it true that an experienced expert trader could potentially trade better than any bot? Of course. Someone like Warren Buffet would of course laugh at the notion of bots but he also doesn’t understand crypto, and his game is very different. Also there are definately a lot of bad bots out there, and really there are only a handful that actually work. Profit Trailer is one of them and a star performer. People who are experienced successful traders will have their own methods and to be honest don’t really need to change their system if it’s already working, but for the majority of people starting out in crypto trading learning the required knowledge can be daunting (and costly if you are rash or don’t know how to manage risk).

Profit Trailer- under the bonnet

How does Profit Trailer actually work?

  • Lower volume coins say under 500 are more volatile. Coins under 200 can be very volatile (but also very profitable if you know how to catch them!).
ETH-USD on 4 hours.
  • On Negative EMASPREAD, the bot will countertrend trade, it will follow a coin which is dropping and then buy on a reversal. One downside is that it might just get faked out by a minor reversal before continuing down, I use a large trailing buy number- I have tested anything from 0.5 to 6 to ensure it buys only upon sight of a bullish engulfing candle on a higher timeframe. Having a very large trailing buy figure means it will leave a wide margin to make a buy, without getting faked out I am unsure of the optimum figure but anything from 0.5 to 4.5 seems to have worked for me, this value can also be offset dynamically according to a coin’s volatility or trend (along with many other things) by using Profit Trailer Feeder. E.g. with PTF you can have a default level of say 1.5 and then have offsets in either direction of 100% or more, or you can have a Lower boundary e.g. MinTrailingBuy of 0.15 and higher boundary of Maxtrailingbuy 4 (you can also offset these number in different market conditions with overrides- e.g. downtrend make trailing buy very big, or switch off trading completely if a coin has a big downtrending profile- I will be writing a detailed article on PTF soon, accompanied by the full trasnscript of mine and the PTf creator’s interview). During December I used EMA slow 20 EMA Fast 5 on 30 minutes candles and my trailing buy was set between 0.3 and 0.75.
Example of Bollinger bands plus STOCHRSI and RSI on Trading View. The Green Highlights are when RSI is below 40 and the candles are hitting the bottom of the BB Bands.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)

If DCA is turned on PT starts averaging down (which is buying more of a coin at a lower price if the coin drops to reduce the average cost of the coins you have) when a coin is below a certain % of price dropped- aka the buy trigger number (which you can set- I vary this from around -10 to -20 depending on the market conditions) it will only make a DCA buy based on a second and third criteria e.g. setting it to -3 buy level on a 1 hour BB band, or using EMA or SMA SPREAD at positive or minus 1 or 2, or any other strategy you can also limit the maximum number of times it does this, or allow it to go unlimited (not recommended!). There is is also the ANDERSON DCA Strategy. I would not turn DCA on until you understand what it does or how to tweak it. What I do is limit the number of buy times to 4 or 5 max (the default is 6- which is fine if you are making very small initial buys, but my buy amounts tend to be a little bigger- I tend to use about 1.5-2.5% of my account for each initial trade) as well as make sure it does not start averaging down until bigger drops.

Trailing buys and sells

Profit Trailer also has a trailing buy feature which is where it will look for the lowest possible price, which is the inverse of a trailing stop, explained here on Investopedia. This means if a price keeps on dropping it won’t buy until it reverses at a defined variation you can change. This feature is integrated with most buy and sell strategies.

Gain sell level.

This is the minimum gain you set before PT starts trailing. The first thing is my gain is set much higher, than the default between 5 to 9% typically. If you are recovering from a crash and lots of bags I may have it lower but not much, I haven’t had my gain lower than 5% (except for periods when I am testing new strategies) since the first week I started using PT. The reason why is that I suggest you look at some price movements to see how far price goes up further after an initial sale, you may be surprised. From my analysis last year in November I found that on average price went further by at least 10% on average and in many cases further. I also trade on longer timeframes than most people- 30 and 60 minutes. All my indicators are 30 or 60 mins. Right now (as of March 2018) probably not, but even so it will go further than you think. In normal markets I have it around 9%, very bullish I may put it to above 10%. Even now I have it between 6- 8.75%. Why? because having a tiny gain skews the risk to reward ratio strongly against you. If you are unfamiliar with this term, check out this article on here.

  • He filtered to trade on coins of only 2700 and above.
  • His max pairs was 12.
  • He traded on 5 minute candles.

Risk management

Risk management is an absolutely vital skill in any form of investing or trading. Unfortunately many newbie traders and botters haven’t a clue about it and thus their accounts fluctaute very wildly, or their gains can quickly be wiped out. I regard risk management as the cornerstone of being profitable long term and will teach people how to do it a pragmatic way.


A final word about the creator Elroy, who an excellent and very helpful and well organised developer. Many of us have used other bots which had less reliable developers, who ignored bugs or provided poor customer service or we had been left scratching our heads as to why the bot made those buy decisions. Profit Trailer in comparison is a brilliant experience, very stable and it does what you tell it to with no mystery once you understand it’s inner workings. Bugs reported are usually gone by the next release or the one after, it’s refreshing to work with a team which is so streamlined and capable, which can’t be said about the vast majority of other bots I’ve used.

Some common Profit Trailer questions:

1) How much money can I make? Can I make x% a day?

  1. Use IP restrictions on your accounts. On Binance you can edit your API (which you need 2 of one for the PT license, and one to trade with)

Click here to watch aworld exclusive- the first ever interview with PTF’s creator Mehtadone where we spend 40 minutes looking at a PTF config file!

Note that PTF is developed by an independent team of advanced PTF users and if you want support or help for that you will need to visit the PTF Dischord group rather than the PT Discord group.

  • For example if a coin has been tumbling sharply for the last day, I will use a threshold such as downsidevolatility, longtermpricechange (there are numerous measurements you can use) to change the buy strategy, maybe reduce gain and sell thresholds and in some cases I will set it so that it will not even look at buying a coin (overrides to sell only mode) until this coin stabalises (you can set different layers of threshold levels), or if you already have it, and shows an unnaturally large downwards profile it will stoploss it rather than DCA.
  • In some cases such a coin may actually be in significant trouble. For example CENTRA the coin shilled by Floyd Mayweather (I’m not having a go at him, though he probably didn’t do his own due dilligence and may have been paid to promote it…) tanked sharply after their CEO was arrested on fraud charges. If you were not using PTF and if you had been using dangerously shallow DCA levels, your account could have been ruined because it was treating it as any other coin, and yes I did speak to people who lost weeks worth of profits because their bot decided to DCA Centra! To shallow DCA a coin like that is absolute suicide.
  • On the inverse, if a coin is uptrending you may want to reduce trailing buy and the buy strategy, buy triggers, gain level, maybe the buy amount etc.

Crypto investor, Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain enthusiast filmmaker, digital marketing, futurist

Crypto investor, Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain enthusiast filmmaker, digital marketing, futurist