World Book Day Madness!

World Book Day — love it or hate it?? It is however a great way for our children to consider who their favourite author or character is from a book. But I know it fills many parents with pure fear!! Aaahh a costume of their favourite character and not just that, a costume that has to look good!!!

We’ve always done home made costumes — nothing fancy just a representation of their favourite character. So we’ve have Pippi Longstocking, Charlie, Dora (not strictly a book I know, but my daughter loves the book version) and Tom Gates.

You then walk into school and some costumes look amazing with lots of sewing involved or purchasing of some ready made! And you say to yourself “I must make more of an effort next year!”

But if you need to quickly find a costume we’ve put together a wishlist of some great finds. Good luck and let the inner book worm be released.

World Book Day wishlist

And if you need some inspiration for making it yourself, do check out this picture gallery of what other families did last year.

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