Ground-breaking cryptocurrency Wishcoin aims to generate billions for charities around the world

London, 22nd September 2017 — Today sees the launch of Wishcoin; a charitable cryptocurrency which is designed to add a significant new source of funding for charities. With its focus on integrity and transparency, Wishcoin is an innovative and credibly-backed altcoin which has been launched with the objective of donating billions of pounds to charities worldwide.

“Wishcoin’s entire identity is shaped around the charity sector; providing an innovative way to raise funds for good causes” said Wishcoin Co-Founder, Robert McLean. “It’s clear that the not-for-profit sector is under enormous pressure, with fundraising being seriously curtailed due to legislation such as the GDPR that is due to be implemented across Europe in May 2018.”

“The entire fundraising landscape could be significantly changed, with the potential for thousands of charities to face a challenging period, affecting the £10.5 billion charity market in the United Kingdom alone” continued McLean. “Wishcoin has been perfectly timed to assist charities that will be struggling to adjust throughout this period and provide them with a new fundraising source”.

Wishcoin is run by the not-for-profit Wishcoin Foundation which will hold 50% of the total coin-cap for the currency within the Wishcoin Fund. This will comprise of a set of highly secure, multi-trustee accounts which will be designated solely for donations to charities. Any charity that receives a pledge of coins will find it in their interest to promote and adopt the coin, contributing to the growth in value of the currency. Awareness, adoption and value will then increase further by the introduction of the Wishcoin team to the benefitting charities’ corporate partners.

Wishcoin seamlessly brings the charitable sector together with the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency world; changing lives in the process. Wishcoin addresses some of the largest challenges faced by altcoins, including lack of awareness, confidence and adoption. Wishcoin provides a compelling and logical reason for adoption, whilst also benefiting from operating within the charitable industry, one built on widespread awareness, credibility and investment opportunity.

Through the core team of highly accomplished, industry-specific individuals, Wishcoin has over half a century worth of charitable experience and contacts, whilst also benefiting from decades of business and technical expertise. By the end of Q1 2018, Wishcoin aims to have;

· Donated £4.5 million to UK charities

· Been featured extensively on mainstream media sources

· Partnered with scores of likeminded charities.

There will then be further brand awareness campaigns throughout Q2 2018, to facilitate the further expansion of Wishcoin. This will build internationally, with charitable organisations in Asia, North America and Russia being brought into the brand awareness campaign throughout 2018/2019.

Wishcoin’s team and advisory board brings together technological and credible business builders, finance specialists, charity sector experts and high profile individuals. Combined with the expertise of the development team, it is clear that no one is better positioned to provide the boost that charities need right now, with exponential funding from a brand new source.

Howard Lake, founder of pioneering digital charity service, said “I’ve been looking for a while for an opportunity that applies recent financial technology developments to benefit charities on an ambitious, possibly exponential scale. A successful Wishcoin is poised to make that positive impact”.

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