6 reasons why customer satisfaction is important

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3 min readJun 13, 2018


We know why customer satisfaction is important for both customers and businesses. This is why we are focused not only on providing satisfying web development, itself, but also are always trying to improve customer service to make every stage of your cooperation with us a joy.

We also know how much it matters for you to have a compelling website or app that is able to provide an excellent user experience and satisfy your customers with all its features. That’s why in our blog we regularly give you ideas to improve your web resources to provide customer satisfaction, and why our developers are always ready to make these ideas come true. Now find out more about the importance of customer satisfaction.

Reasons why achieving customer satisfaction is important for business success

  • Retaining satisfied customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones

Obtaining the attention of prospective customers, gaining their interest and converting them costs up to 6 times more than retaining existing customers. This is why it’s worth focusing and spending resources on keeping existing customers satisfied with your goods and services. Don’t forget about your consumers after one-time deals and encourage them to keep up good relationships during a long-term period.

  • Customer satisfaction matters even more than price

Customers want to be treated right. Plenty of research proves that the majority of customers will choose the company that made them satisfied even if it offers higher prices over a cheap but low quality service option.

So take the effort to satisfy customers with excellent service, as it is even more important than offering lucrative prices. Moreover, increases in costs are easier to justify when your your clients are satisfied at every stage of the interaction.

  • Customer satisfaction keeps your brand ahead of the competitors

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will,” said famous marketer Kate Zabriskie. If you know how to ensure customer satisfaction and successfully provide it, then you have an advantage over your competitors who offer the same range of products but can’t satisfy customers either with a beautiful, informative, convenient and accessible website, nor with a prompt response and delivery.

  • Customer satisfaction promotes customer retention

The longer customers stay satisfied, the more often they will return to you in the future, and prefer buying your goods and services to your competitors’ products. Customer retention is also a step towards maintaining loyalty.

To achieve this, implement effective tips to keep users on your site longer, do email marketing and social media marketing to keep them engaged, provide personalized experiences, offer what your clients need and want, meet their expectations and even exceed them.

  • Customer satisfaction promotes customer loyalty

As long as you can retain trusting and loyal relationships with customers and keep them satisfied, they will keep on coming back to buy from you. Loyal customers will later get accustomed to appreciate, use and advocate for your brand during their lifetime, bringing you a revenue.

  • Customer satisfaction reduces negative word of mouth

As research shows, customers are more eager to share negative experiences than positive reviews and recommendations. Add to this the fact that people tend to believe other customers more than company representatives and advertisement.

So losing one unsatisfied customer means losing up to 20 more customers (both existing and prospective) because of their bad experience spreading through word of mouth. Satisfied customers, on the other hand, will become your brand advocates.

So, satisfied clients is a sign of a successful business running. Great customer service is one of the reasons to choose our web development company for your web project. We do our best and our clients are satisfied with our cooperation, and keep working with us for years. Join the list of our happy clients.



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