Now it’s Cheaper Real Estate Buying in Jaipur

The buying of flats in Jaipur is always a dream for people who are looking for a life full of privacy and security along with happiness. With the budgets at the centre and at the State Level gave some modifications in the real estate, the Real estate sector was bound to see some changes in near future.

Registration Fee in the State

With the Rajasthan Government focusing on exempting the registration fee of 1% for the property above 50 lacs, the Apartments in Jaipur along with all other properties are set to become cheaper in the city of Jaipur. At the same time, a maximum cap of Rs. 50000 is being planned as the registration fee. However remember that this Registration fee differs as per state and is required for the registration of property at the individual’s name. This rollback of Registration fee is welcomed by open hands by both the buyers of Residential Flats and Builders all over the state.

Stamp Duty Collection and Calculation

There’s just another reason to cheer as the stamp duty Collection and Calculations which earlier was at 505 will now be charged at 40% (thus a reduction of 10%) is always a welcome news for all. However, this will be applicable to the Multi storey buildings and will be levied on 4th Floor flats and above.

DLC Rates

At the same time, DLC Rates will also be reduced by 10% and thus will be another boost to the property buyers.

Surely, the above mentioned is going to attract buyers all over the state and people will be more motivated in buying flats in Jaipur.