How Magento extensions helping you reducing cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a common issue in every ecommerce business whereas every online retailer experiences it. However, while many retailers lose potential every day, Magento development services provide its user’s several extensions which can help in reducing shopping cart abandon rate. But before diving into the list of extensions, let’s understand the causes of shopping abandonment. According to the study, it is shown that 73.9% of online orders abandoned instead of purchase.

Below are the given various reasons for customers to abandon the shopping cart:

· High product prices

· High shipping charge

· Hidden costs

· Lengthy checkout process

· No discounts or promotional offers

· Lack of multiple payment options

It may seem challenging to target customer considering different reasons, but if you leverage Magento website development services, then there are a legion of extensions designed mainly for Magento web stores users.

Below is the given best Magento shopping cart abandonment extension:

Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro:

Many customers often leave their purchasing incomplete with an intention for browsing a website or leave the items in the cart for a future purchase. That’s where you can use abandoned carts alerts pro extension as help to re-capture the ongoing sales from incomplete or forgotten transactions. Therefore, this extension allows you to send alerts for abandoned purchases to the registered customers and guests. Thus, your customers are then allowed to recover their left items in the art with just one click. Besides, you can also edit the HTML template for sending out reminders to your end user.

Quick One Page Checkout:

A lengthy checkout process is the biggest reason for turning down a customer’s desire to make a purchase, whereas Magento by default provides a 6 step checkout process. So, with the help of a quick one-page checkout extension, one can reduce the unnecessary steps from the checkout process and make the process faster. Additionally, one step checkout feature also supports a multiple payments gateways, order options, multiple languages, and mobile-friendly payment page. Therefore, by incorporating a quick one-page checkout extension, one can help their customer to save time as well as not lose a potential sale.

MageMob App Builder

MageMob’s mobile app builder helps you for mobile app development, as quickly and as affordably whereas it also enables you to showcase your products on various types of blocks. Besides, it also has an advanced feature like showing recently viewed products to help to increase the conversions. Therefore, MageMob’s provides an option for a customer to search product and filter out the search results to find what they are seeking.

Personalized Shopping & Coupons

Given extension helps you to provide’ customized shopping experience with the behavioral targeting tactics. So, that you can understand and then personalize offer as per the specific visitor and their needs whereas this extension also helps you to increase the volume of your business. Hence, it allows you to customize discount coupons for loyal customers along with that it enables you to do personalized shopping and coupon extensions’ to treat each site visitor as a unique customer.


SEO plays an essential role for all the business out there as it helps you to ensure your ranking and the position in the search engine results. Besides, it assists you in managing and optimizing data feeds, Mata tags, canonicals, URL redirect and so on. Furthermore, it also provides you some basic features like the provision to decide limits for metadata, notification if there any wrong execution happens, etc. Therefore, with the help of SEO extension, you can assure your ecommerce site rank high on the search engine.

Language Translator

With the advent of the internet, ecommerce market has become limitless as it is not limited to the one region’ it gets spread in every corner of the world. As a result, now we can sell our products to anyone or anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is an excellent thing’ for an online seller as they can get a broad audience for selling their products. Nevertheless, at times language becomes a huge barrier in terms of reaching customer but, we can remove this barrier by incorporating language translator extension, whereas it allows you to translate your page, product details, product attributes into the choice of your language. Henceforth, this will help you achieve broader audience effectively.

So for wrapping up, Magento is a well-known platform for ecommerce website development as well as for extensions to revamp your e-stores’ for lowering down the shopping cart abandonment. Henceforth, above given extensions are the best extensions as it allows you to upscale your business enterprise.