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Cigarettes have been around for a long time and many people die earlier smoking cigarettes. Many people start smoking at a young age and develop an addiction to smoking cigarettes. All cigarette brands are pretty much the same except for some varying chemicals inside of it but all cigarettes contain a highly addictive substance called nicotine. Some best cigarette brands are Marlboro, Camel, Lucky Strike, Newport, Davidoff, Cigaronne, and Kent. The best cigarette is one that is filtered and has a lower amount of nicotine. Cigarette brands market the cigarettes as the best cigarette to smoke on. The cigarette brands market cigarettes to look cool and to appeal to youth who may think that smoking is cool. The media helps perpetuate this view as well. A lot of cigarette brands make their ads look cool and the person smoking on it as having a good time. They claim to best the best cigarette on the market and to have less additives and chemicals and to taste better. Some people claim that certain brands taste better than others and each pack is quite costly. Some cigarette brands have menthol in their cigarettes, which gives the user a cool and icy feel when the user inhales the smoke from the cigarette.

The best cigarette is often tastier than its counterparts. The best cigarette is somewhat subjective. You may find that you like the taste of some brand over other brands. Therefor you may have some trial and error before finding a brand you like. There are different types of cigarettes, like menthol. Cloves, or flavor cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes create a minty taste when inhaled. Cloves can be infused with tobacco to create a flavored cigarette. Then the flavored ones will have flavored ones to cater to your tastes whether it is fruity or dessert. There are too many options to pick from the cigarette brands so keep trying until you find one that you like and stick with it. It’s all dependent on the user and what their tastebuds like and how much money they’re willing to spend on a pack of cigarettes.