Perfect Moment for Me to Fall in Love

So basically I was walking into a club and on the prowl wondering whether she left already or not. Then I see her wearing leather jacket, collar popped like Cantona, sunglasses indoor par for the course. Lights in the floor, sweats on the walls, cages and poles.

As I watch her, everything seems moving in slow motion. She’s having a sly indoor smoke, she calls the folks who run this her oldest friends, sipping her drink and laughing at imaginary jokes. As all the signals are sent, her eyes invite me to approach.

I get the feeling she’s into me, I’m sure she does, but not really sure.

As we talk, I recognize that she’s mind blower knowing full well that I don’t. I may suggest there’s somewhere from which I might know her.
Just to get the ball to roll. Although I was initially looking for a good time, this girl somewhat turns into more than just a casual encounter, and it seems that she actually falls for me a little bit more than I meant to. Maybe I want her to, but in a very momentary sense.

Then we both slow dancing as the song playing.

The look of love
The rush of blood
The "she’s with me"
The Gallic shrug
The shutterbugs
The camera plus
The black and white and the colour dodge
The good time girls
The cubicles
The house of fun
The number one party anthem.

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