Carrie Underwood’s Latest Album — Struggles to Stick with One Genre

We all know the fantastic singer who stole the the stage on the hit TV show “American Idol,” but where is Carrie today? On October 23, 2015, Carrie Underwood dropped her 5th album, called Storyteller which combines her style of country pop mixed with some rock beats in the background. Several articles have reviews of her stellar work, but not everyone seems appealed as most people. “The NY Times” states that “She largely picks songs that serve as launch platforms for her ballistic-missile voice, but they don’t cohere into a whole identity. Her voice is pure, lean, potent — it doesn’t have multiple settings.” Even though she has had over a decade to find herself as an artist the NY Times still feel she has’t fully developed her sound! Unlike this article, Rolling stone states “it’s that voice that makes her the only truly unfadeable American Idol success story: a country-pop-rock superpower that sweeps in like the sanctified cyclone of her 2012 hit “Blown Away,” The song definately delivers a great potential of her talent as shown in as her old music. Now there is always the theory that Carrie Underwood sounds similar to other country artists known as Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert. Another source called “Saving Country Music” stated “Miranda’s gone pop, and Carrie’s gone Miranda.” While listening to the song Renegade Runaway by Carrie Underwood, some may say that it has the edgy pop tone that Miranda Lambert has. Listening to the song myself, it does have a fast and upbeat rythym that pop songs tend to follow. In the song “Somethin’ Bad” the duet between Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, they may sound very similar to most people, but clearly you can hear that Carrie has the stronger vocal chords being used in this song. As of her sounding like Taylor Swift, I would definately say that Taylor sounds like Carrie rather than Carrie sounding like Taylor. Taylor style of music now varies from the way she used to sing with a more country tone, while Carrie combines the country aspect as well as the catchy pop music sound.

On Carrie Underwoods’s new album, the message being shown throughout the whole album might be confusing to some people. She has a song called Church Bells where it states “Up in the loft, that whole choir singing, singing, fold your hands and close your eyes, yeah it’s all gonna be alright.” Carrie is married and has children, and is also a practicing christian, but on her latest album she also has the the song called smoke brake, which says “it’s hard to be a good wife and a good mom and a good Christian. She said, I don’t drink, but sometimes I need a stiff drink sipping from a high, full glass.” If you listen to the full album, Church Bells, come before Smoke Break, which might send the wrong message out to her fans if she is talking about going to church, and then later on how she needs a drink and to smoke. As well as on her old album, “Some Hearts” she has the song known as “Jesus Takes the Wheel” which talks about how she doesn’t feel as isn’t being the best Christian woman that she could be, an how she needs guidance from her savior. She says “So give me one more chance, save me from this road I’m on, oh Jesus take the wheel,” which talks about how she needs guidance.

On Carrie’s latest album, the ninth song is called “Relapse” which is an incredbly strong and powerful song that you can tell has had a lot of thought put into it. It somewhat strays away from her normal country music, which is why it doesn’t have enough recognition since the majority of her fans like country music. Carrie talks about how “she is not coming back,” and “how she doesn’t have to have you” which makes the song feel as if she is talking about a past relationship which makes the song have a lot of emotion similar to how Janis Jackson would sing her song.

Carrie Underwood delivers an exceptionally well deliverance in her latest album storyteller. she combines the homestyle feel of country with the emotional and upbeat rythyms that pop songs usually have. As an artist Carrie Underwood has definately grown since her American Idol days, but does she have potential to get to the top country charts? Personally I believe that it might be hard for her to stay high on the charts if she continues to combine her pop sound mixed with the country tone. I like the pop aspect better, but for the charts she might need to either choose to go the path of the songs “Renegade Runaway” and “Smoke Break” with the rugged country tone or stray towards “Relapse” the more emotional pop.