Terrorist attack in Manhattan?

Sunday, September 18th, 2016, an unexpected explosion accured in the Chelsea section of NYC. Around 29 people were injured, with only one person being in critical condition. The FBI suspects that the explosion was intentionally done by 28 year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami. During the explosion, several people were evacuated from any nearby restuarants or stores and the area was blocked off from people to enter. When they had found Rahami to arrest him, CNN states “The man was captured on Monday after a frantic manhunt and shootout.” Rahami was thought to have targeted three different times in New York at different times. Originally being born in Afghanistan, his family moved to the United States. Later on in his life he might his wife, and moved to Pakistan for a few years. He later came back to the US with intention of do something to New York because people would say and think that “Muslims don’t Belong here.” Also throughout his life he has been convicted of weapon theft and weapon abuse and has been arrested for that already. Even his sister in some shape has said that he was the one who didn’t really fit into the family.

All throughout Saturday there were pipe explosions during a charity race for Marines, which then had led to the explosion later in the day in Chelsea NYC. Then all throughout the rest of Sunday, more events had occured such as bhvhtogether in a competitve team can be difficult in many ways. Being on a team not only requires effort towards every one on the team, but also requires you to be confident in your skills to beat the other compettitiors. In my high school career, I have participated on the 5-Peat Forensic team, a compettive speaking team that competes against several other schools. Winning a state championship for any team can be challenging let alone 5 in a row. Having the right mind set for any team is extremely important for having a successful victory. When I compete in forensics, Im usually with a group of other people known as multiple, in which you go up against etremely well thought out and sleek groups who have had weeks of practice. If you focus on the groups that are extremely well instead of your own group, you will loose track of what the real objective is; to win. From personal experiences, I try and not focus on the groups that have beaten us before, but rather to focus on my group getting stronger as a whole. And this works for any team, if your mind is focused on the team as a whole, rather than your comeptitor you will probably do better than focusing on the other team. Focusing on winning rather than the winner itself also has to do with any sort of test. Thinking about how other students will do better than you will not get you a better grade. Actually studying and focusing on the test itself is what will get you where you want to be. Tests are basically like the other team in any competitive sport. You are trying to defeat the others by getting a higher score, and for you the higher score is your grade. If you focus on yourself and the material needed to know, that is what will give you the win. Focusing on yourself goes with the sae thing as winning. If you don’t want to proceed in life, you are focusing on the hard obstacles faced in life. If you focus on the good things and strive to be a good person you will get where you want to be especially when you focus on yourself rather than winning and being successful in life.

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