TNIGC stands for Tamil Naidu Innovation Grand Challenge, one of its kind event. An initiative by Entrepreneurship Development & Innovation Institute — Tamil Nadu to support ideas of budding entrepreneurs in the state with Grants, Expert Mentorships, Exposer and Incubation Support.

So, let’s start from the beginning: TNIGC is a Tamil Nadu government program to support state grown startups. To support all the hustlers and hackers working on something great. Initially, we were sceptical about applying but we did. And trust me, that was one of the best decision in the life span of WisOpt.

Ohh I missed something…

Many of us think Machine Learning is a very tough domain to learn. One of the main reason for that is people don’t try to understand the mathematics behind the scenes. One needs to be sound in mathematics in order to start machine learning.

When people start Machine Learning, one of the first algorithm they learn about is Linear Regression and Logistic Regression. People start their ML career with either Python(mostly) or R. Most of the people start with learning Sklearn, Numpy, pandas etc. and don’t give importance to the statistics and the mathematics behind the scenes.

Let’s start with…

Often we come across these two keywords in Machine Learning-Regression and Classification. We will keep the Classification for the later parts…in this part, we will explore Linear Regression (Hands-On).

I have heard Linear Regression is from the field of Statistics…???

Linear Regression is taken from the field of Statistics and is applied in Machine Learning. Linear Regression was developed in the field of statistics for understanding the relationship between input and output numerical variables but has been borrowed by Machine Learning. …


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