Why Are D Curl Lashes So Popular?

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4 min readMar 30, 2022

Going to a salon and coming back without gifting your eyes with some luscious and dramatic D curl eyelashes is like getting a mani-pedi done and not painting your nails or going to In-N-Out and not eating fries. Millions of women regularly get their eyelashes done for different reasons. Some want to enhance their appearance while others do it for a special occasion, or some feel so comfortable wearing them regularly in their corporate life or other activities.

There are all sorts of different lash extensions to choose from these days. You can go for a natural look or go all out with some dramatic falsies. One of the most popular lash styles right now is the D curl lash; let’s take a quick look at why D Curl lashes are so popular.

What is D Curl Lash?

D curl lashes are named because of their curved shape. So whenever you want the dramatic and lush look, the D curl lash is the way to go. They are perfect for adding length and volume to your lashes and can make your eyes pop.

Their deep, upward-sloping curl gives the eye an indeed lifted look. If you’re going for an overall more open and awake appearance, D curl lashes are an excellent option.

Advantages of D Curl Eyelash Extension

The benefits of D curl eyelash extensions are:

Appearance and Visual Impact

Most women wear makeup and false eyelashes to achieve what D curl already naturally provides — an enlargement and curl of the eyelashes. This gives eyes a bigger, brighter, and more open look. In addition, it performs the task of correcting a drooping eyelid or visually raising the outer eyebrows.

Duration of wearing

Of course, the choice of curl in some cases can affect the extensions’ lifespan. For example, J curl lashes will generally last 1 to 2 weeks longer than D curl lashes as the weight of the J curl lash is less pulling on the natural lash. If the curl of natural eyelashes matches with your natural eyelashes, then there is no need to apply a weak bend B or J.

Which Eye Shape Suits Best with D Curl Lashes?

Drooping eyelids

In this case, it is essential to apply a more curved curl. D curls, in this case, will open the eye, give a round shape and make it look bigger. D Curl lashes for such eye types are the most convenient and best option. 70% of the overhanging eyelids are in middle-aged and elderly clients. The D curl is optimal because it creates a neutral effect with a short and medium length.

Big eyes

Any bend will suit these eyes. Here the eyelid is prominent, and the space between the upper and lower lashes is small. Like the volume eyelash extension, the D curl also gives more volume. They will enhance the look and will make eyes wide open.

The Contradictory Eye-Type

Deep-set eyes

D curl eyelash extensions will cause discomfort and rest against the eyelid, usually deep-set and wide open. For such eye type, any other curl other than D is recommended.

Large-protruding eyes

This eye shape must be visually reduced or “pushed back.” The J-Bend curl is the best fit for this eye type as it reduces the size of the eyelashes, making them look more natural.

How to Choose a Perfect Extension Keeping All Important Parameters in Mind

A professional eyelash stylist is needed while choosing the perfect extension with all critical parameters so that no damage occurs. It is always advisable to take utmost precautions as the eyes are the most sensitive. They will perform the work to get high-quality results, and none of the important features will go out of sight. The different parameters are scripted below:


The lengths can be varied from 7 to 14 mm. However, the length between 7–12 mm is very famous as it does not give the feeling of heaviness, and it is also easy to take care of. Moreover, it forms a beautiful ciliary row.

Thickness or Diameter

The extension can be from 0.05 mm to 0.25 mm in thickness or diameter. The preferable thickness is 0.05 and 0.15, which gives the lashes a natural look and the required amount of volume without making them look artificial.

Working with ultra-thin eyelashes requires a high level of skill but allows you to achieve a fantastic effect. Extensions from 15 mm, like classic eyelash extension (ranging between 9 mm to 13 mm), are heavy and can cause problems to wear

Eyelash Volume

Using 2D 3D volumetric techniques or building one by one can achieve the desired lashes volume. It all depends on the client’s preferences. If you want to achieve a dramatic and flashy look, we recommend using mega volume eyelash techniques.

Eyelash Extension Effect

The assortment of professional eyelash extension curls and the ways to attach them to your natural lashes provide you with many effects that girls desire to achieve. It serves women with the most beautiful squirrel-eye, fox-eye, open-eye, doll-eye, and cat-eye lash looks.


After reading this article, all your question marks have indeed been turned into full stops. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on some gorgeous D curl lashes! So, the next time you’re wondering why D curl lashes are so popular, you’ll know! Undoubtedly they add volume and drama to your lashes while looking completely natural. They’re perfect for any occasion!

Consult with your lash technician to find out if D curl lashes are the right style for you and if they are, be sure to enjoy the look and feel of these luscious lashes.