Hi to everyone who viewed my inaugural post.

And to those who have not yet…

Last week I decided to quit my practice as an habitual lurker on Medium, so, I did what most people who want to write do. I signed up, became an active user, and published one of my poems.



Well, according to my stats, I have all of fourteen views, two reads and one recommend.

Not bad, huh?

Because Medium is such a sizeable platform, I was kind of expecting my work to disappear into a deep, dark void and be lost forever but I need not have worried. I made my debut and people noticed.

This is progress!

For those who haven’t seen my poem yet, hint: it’s about street harassment, a topic I feel cannot be discussed enough. Of course, I am not one to pound anyone over the head with what I think is righteous. I am not the “judgy” type. All I am saying is that awareness is always a positive attribute.

Oops! I meandered off a bit.


Anyway, This isn’t really a post, per se. It is just me not really introducing myself, although I am saying I am here. I am just happy to be writing again and I really want to thank everyone who took the time to give my content a look.