Fair enough!
Sean Hill

Don’t forget Dave Rubin.

  1. John Green claims that Trump has often attacked people not for their beliefs but for their race, religion (since when is religion not about beliefs?), gender... I know liberals tend to think it’s stupid to ask this question, but: Where? Each and every time I’ve seen a liberal try to point out where, I go look and find they’re dropping context or engaged in gross non-sequitur or just making things up. (At this point liberals are like the boy who cried wolf, not just regarding Trump but every time they shout “racist”, “Nazi”, “sexist”, etc.)
  2. Oliver can be amusing but yes he is a zealot. Did you watch his anti-Brexit rant? Talk about radical bias. What exactly is wrong with more localism and self-determination?
  3. I’m sure PBS is great (what I’ve seen here and there is often good), but it is philosophically misguided to think that by simply citing facts, you are not misleading anyone. The facts you choose to present are always and necessarily selective, so standing behind every set of facts is a moral agenda of some kind or another, and those who claim there is not are the most suspect.
  4. Rabidly fixating on Trump is a hallmark of an extremist liberal. The problems we have didn’t begin with Trump and wouldn’t end even if he were impeached. Again, see Dave Rubin for what counts as a reasonable liberal.
  5. I’ll take your word for it.

I’d be interested in something that 1) identified what liberal values actually are; 2) explained why they were right. No one on your list does that, at least that I can tell (Dave Rubin does to some extent.)

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