Definition of Single (Wedding Season Edition)

1a : not married <Most notable when ones friends now in fact are all married> b : of or relating to celibacy <random tinder encounters not withstanding>

2: unaccompanied by others : (emphasis: WEDDINGS) lone, sole <the single survivor of the disaster> (i.e. the Single disaster)

3a (1) : consisting of or having only one part, feature, or portion <W̶e̶ would love to attend > (2) : consisting of one as opposed to or in contrast with many : <I will be coming to your wedding> (3) : consisting of only one in number <RSVP + 0>

4a : consisting of a separate unique whole : individual <me, myself & I>b : of, relating to, or involving only one person <see verb: masturbation for further details>

5a : exclusively attentive <Netflix algorithm for 1; note: Spotify>

6: unbroken, undivided <one is the loneliest number>

7: having no equal or like : singular <insert positive self soothing affirmation here>

8: designed for the use of one person only <my king bed suckers>