6 Hours of Fun

Over this weekend I had the luxury of revisiting my years in high school. i’m not talking about seeing my high school friends again, I’m talking about being grounded. When I was able to be grounded I would go without my phone for a time. This challenge ramped it up and encouraged me to either be a bit more productive and social, or just attempt to sleep it through. Seeing as I could not sleep it through I had to endure what the day had for me.

Since most of my time revolves around my couch and friends, I had to smell the roses elsewhere. I couldn’t re-watch my favorite tv series, couldn’t start a new show, and I definitely couldn’t waste time staring at a screen. So for about the first hour I was just running errands. Simple things that needed to be done. Filling the car up with gas, grabbing a few groceries, and just all around killing time by getting a few things done. Once that was over I had about 4.5 hours left until I could get back on the grid. I will admit, it felt nice getting stuff done even though it’s was not extremely important.

Alas, my time had come to start reading again. Remembering that I had my copy of The Odyssey in my car, I promptly picked it up and started right where I left off — somewhere in my third re-read. It was nostalgic to enjoy reading a book again, but I was bummed that I didn’t have an astounding view in the background. I went along with that for about the length of a plane ride — roughly 2 hrs or so. I always compare reading to plane rides because there’s really nothing else to do on a plane except read a book or flip through Skymall.

To my surprise, this challenge was a lot like reading skymall; I was just trying to find the best way to fill in the time. Not that that’s a bad thing, on the contrary, being constantly on the lookout for something to do seems like a healthy lifestyle to me. Alas the time had come for me to stop reading, as I was getting an appetite for something to eat, nothing from Drury though — it doesn’t take enough time. I rounded up a couple of the boys and we went out to eat — it takes just the right amount of time and I could stretch the meal with my cash. However, I was still devoted to the challenge so I had to think on my toes “Where is great food and no tv?” Southside me knew plenty of places, but I don’t live on the south side anymore — nothing was a viable option down there as it was too far out of the way for everyone that wanted to eat relatively quickly. The best place that I could think of that fit my criteria was, Crosstown BBQ. By no means am I sponsored by Crosstown, but if they would like to send me free food, I am not arguing. Crosstown’s main benefits — other than the delicious bbq — is that it’s pretty old fashioned. Fries are Fried in house, meat is sliced and smoked in house, and there’s no ambient noise. No music, no tv, just the people eating and conversing. It was there that I realized I really enjoy that atmosphere. Sure it’s nice to catch a game at a sports bar/grill, but to really enjoy the meal and company, that’s what needs to be exclusively involved — just the meal and company. That’s my two cents on the 6 hour power down time.