Laying off the Ben’s Way

How StayBay’s first co-founder left.

Sunday, I picked up “The Hard Things About The Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz from my rag. I don’t know what made me to pick up, probably some inner instinct. Midway I realised after completing the section “Preparing to Fire an Executive”, I stopped. I realised, for now it’s not for me. StayBay is just a start-up.

The book is about the hard things you’ll face as a founder/CEO while running a company.
But my perception about this amazing book was completely wrong.

Of course, It’s about companies valued at billion dollars. But after all, it’s all about people. The same people who are an important part of a company and also start-ups. But, whatever I read before putting back in shelf, I used the precious knowledge I gained just after 3days.

My co-founder suddenly asked(indirectly over WhatsApp) me to drop StayBay off the cliff. Asked me in some polite way to close the chapter and focus on career (academic career, specifically). F**k. I had a fresh definition of career.

Career is all about selling something. Time, knowledge & skill.

I’m never going back to the obsolete linear definition, again. No way. It kills, It kills time.

He asked “Then how will manage all these things”

just because we are 20km away from each other. So what we are doing (managing) it for last one year. And more specifically, if we can’t do it, we can’t scale it. StayBay isn’t about any conventional real estate listings platform. In my vision, it’s not a real estate platform either.

He asked “Any other planning??” & I replied CAREER.

Sorry, what a question! I have one life. No plans. Plans don’t work for me. Strategies does. I no more plan & you know that better than anyone around StayBay. The term, “CAREER” is according to my own definition, not the definition what everyone else follows.

Career is all about making something. With time, skill, knowledge.

The linear(school) definition kills time. Please understand. It limits skillsets.

I know you misunderstood the term. I don’t think, I need to explain it after working for 1 long year.

Said “Same here. Completely uncertain.”

Are you sure? Uncertain! I felt guilty while listening to this term. What was uncertain, asking you to join StayBay? or Building & coding StayBay from scratch in a roller coaster way? If the rollercoaster way seems uncertain, I’m sorry but it’s how life works for me. Same for you I guess. Same for everyone else on the earth.

And this “Do you know any process to find passion?”

Do you remember the 2 amazing college years we shared. Do you still remember the term “Evolution” we learnt in biology there. The evolution of human brain has remained exciting for me. Always. (& This also led me to start BunkNow.) Besides reproduction, the only major function where significant evolution happened is with the brain, the capability to solve problems. It’s not finding passion. Com’n. Let’s ask our parents. They know the right answer about whether we should invest time in search of passion or solve problems. Passion is like a dream girl you keep painting in your own mind. The actual problem to solve is to find the right life partner. & Solution is to ask for a date with the one you like most. That’s it.

AI. Recently I came through a news about acquiring an ai startup by Google. Which is only 4 months old. No just read it in my current affairs. I think AI is going to be the next revolution of the world. Most of the job creation are in danger.

Revolution. World. Seriously! Are we talking about these 2 terms!! Forget the world. Let’s talk about you. What about StayBay? What about you? Your career? What about focusing on StayBay? Hope you understand.

Most start-ups passionate about recent trends die from asphyxia. Asphyxia of what to do. Most startve for how to change the world. Let me define the world.

My world is what I have seen, experienced & perceived yet. Not what I have heard from TV or newspaper or somebody else. I’m not an introvert. What I’m speaking is clear, The geographic definition is true. But by focusing on our own world and expanding our own vision for the rest of the world, we can grow our little world too. Com’n. It’s not about how big/small our world is. It’s all about this one question “How much control/how less chaotic?”

Don’t know... I even thought about shutting down StayBay...

No. This isn’t true. I didn’t lie you either. I’m just masking myself with uncertainty, so that you can feel comfortable while leaving StayBay. That’s what I learnt from bhorowitz . When it comes to you & me, the friendship will remain that bright as it was always. StayBay is just a byproduct of it.

As a person, You are still important to me.

The reason I’m not shutting StayBay down is simply I’m looking forward solving an important social problem & I’m committed to this. StayBay isn’t a real estate platform. Sorry. It’s more than that. Infact, it’s not about real estate at all. And I’m sure, you know my vision.


We’re not letting you go that simply. Still it’s important. Because you need to find the meaning of life yourself. You have to find yourself. Go. Cherish! We’ll miss you.

Thank you very much for being with us while iterating through StayBay. And more importantly, your patience. You are one of the wonderful persons I met ever.

Team StayBay

Thanks bhorowitz. Starting “The Hard Thing About The Hard Things” from the end I left. Grateful to you. It’s really hard.

Thanks for your valuable time.