Thanks for the tips, Annie!

Hey Ambrose — thanks for reading (as always!). This is an excellent question, as it wouldn’t want to send an irrelevant email to a customer who has purchased, right?

So onto your other question: can you do this through Coach? The short answer: not at the moment, but soon (along with other similar functionalities).

For now (and for your specific situation), I would leave the “Why didn’t you buy?” message out of your drip email campaign and send it as a “one-off” instead (to non-converting customers only). This approach may even work to your advantage, as you could craft the email in a more personalized manner, making it feel very genuine and sincere.

By the way, if you want any help with your landing page copy/content, I’m more than happy to review! You can send any links (or ideas) to me at if you’re interested. :) Thanks again for reading, I hope this helps!