Kickstart your SEO by starting a YouTube channel

YouTube is hands down the best way to show your work online as a tutor. Video allows you to quickly build an emotional connection with potential new students, and show them what makes you a fantastic online teacher.

If you just built a new website for your tutoring business, creating YouTube videos also allows you to shortcut the traditionally long wait to build up SEO credibility.

Since YouTube videos organically rank highly in Google searches, creating a series of videos allows you to rank for your niche. Both Teacher Diane and Matteo Preabianca, two online tutors whose stories we’ll share, used this strategy successfully to find new students when getting started online.

Creating your own videos, in the long-run, can also be a fantastic time-saver when working with new students. Instead of teaching the same introductory lessons over and over, Diane shares her YouTube channel, to make the first lesson with a student more productive.

Ready to start your own YouTube channel? Let’s dive into the 5 essentials you’ll need to quickly master.

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