I left my heart on California's coast,
Where they pray to the sun and holy ghost
It's resting in the waves, bobbing in the sea
I don't suspect it'll find it's way back to me

I left my heart in the midnight parties
Where all the tongues taste like Bacardi 
It's drowned in a bottle, asking for more 
Now it's never coming back to the shore

I left my heart in the gentle touch
Of the friends I hold onto like a crutch
They pat my back, they take me home 
And they never leave my heart alone

I left my heart with you, who rise above
Who give, who understand, who always love
Who take my heart and make it fly
Who kill me a little when they say goodbye

So I left my heart on California's coast, 
The home I'm dying for the most 
My heart is cast, it won't be with me 
Until the next time I go to visit the sea


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