What Is Corporate Weibo And How To Create it

Step-by-step guide and 3 proven tips to get started

If you want business success, you must utilize social media as an important part of your marketing plan. When mentioning social media, Facebook and Twitter must come to mind immediately.

But what if you want to enter and succeed in the Chinese market where there is no Facebook and Twitter? Weibo, especially corporate Weibo, should be the first thing you consider.

In this blog, you will get a quick picture of what Weibo is, why to choose corporate Weibo and how to register it.

What Is Sina Weibo?

Sina Weibo,one of largest social media plantforms in China
Sina Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China, described as Chinese-twitter.

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, by 2012, 70% of 513 million Chinese internet users have their own Weibo account. There are two types of Weibo accounts. One is the personal account while another one is the corporate account. Comparing Weibo with Twitter may help you size it up pretty quickly.

The difference between Weibo and Twitter

What Is And Why To Choose Corporate Weibo?

Corporate Weibo is only accessible for corporations, government departments and various organizations, while the personal Weibo account is especially for the individual.

With multiple function pages and a management dashboard, the corporate account provides more functions and features than the personal account including a personalized page display, data analysis, monitoring tools and social CRM elements.

Each corporate Weibo account is required to be verified by Sina which owens Weibo, which means you should provide official documents to prove the legality of your corporation when registering. If not, you will not be allowed to open the corporation account with blue “V” icon. In return, your corporation can be in a much more creditable place to open a corporate Weibo account successfully with an exclusive identifying blue “V” icon shown in the picture below. Taking advantage of this icon, you will be able to attract the target customers much more easily and gain trust from public.

Blue “V” icon of corporate Weibo accout

How To Open A Corporate Weibo Account

Register-page of corporate Weibo

Step 1 Register a new account

Go to register-page. If you use Chrome, you can translate the Chinese into English, as shown in below image.

Phone-confirmation-page of Corporate Weibo

Step 2 Phone confirmation

When you completed above information and then “click sign up now”, there is a phone confirmation image as shown below.

Email-activation-page of corporate Weibo

Step 3 Activate by email

To check your mail is all you need to do now!

3 Proven Tips To Run Corporate Weibo

1. Login your account every day and keep online as long as possible.

Your account level will be shown aside the blue “V” icon. The only way to accelerate your level is to accumulate more login hours. The higher your level is, the more creditable your corporation will be. because the public may think your corporation is good at marketing by pay much attention on social media marketing. In return, the followers increase much easily.

2. Design your home page instead of using temple.

The corporate Weibo enables you to create an official presence through a verification system. You can design your background, place a stream of photographs, share graphic elements and play music, etc. This home page plays the role as the first moment to attract your prospective customers and to have a “brand conversation” with them, so it deserves your time to design it.

3. The best publish time of weekdays is Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Sina data analysis report, people are more likely to forward and comment in Wednesday and Thursday because this time is the most stable of the whole workdays and people are prefer to have much interactions. However, recently most corporations are missing this valuable marketing time by choosing Monday to post their Weibo.

Now it is time to start your journey to succeed in China market by your corporate Weibo.

If you have any other questions or problems in opening and verifying a corporate Weibo account, please email mkrtingchina@gmail.com. We are glad to help you to succeed in china marketing.
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