I like your piece, but I disagree.
Lorenzo L Pesce

Hi Lorenzo L Pesce,

Thank you for your response! Though you started off saying you disagree with my commentary, I didn’t disagree with yours, and I think we might actually see eye to eye on several of these issues.

I agree that women and men aren’t equal. I think this is apparent through many different settings. However I believe in women having equal access to education, jobs, and same pay for the same work as men. I also believe in their right to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies.

I agree that biology plays a role in the relationship between men and women, and over the course of civilization has shaped their gender roles and identities. I personally do not want to be chained to my biology as a woman, and the expectation that I want and will have children, just because my biology allows for it.

I agree with you that there is a massive “growing up” that needs to happen. I think of it rather as a “waking up” and believe it will take time, exposure to different cultures and peoples’ situations and personal stories, and it will most importantly take compassion. That starts with being open, which many people are not.

Again, thank you for your response. It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job, raising two children, and you will impart good values on them. Thank you for that.

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