Wow. Dear mother of this misguided girl, explain to her that if life is dangerous for one of the…

I do not appreciate your misogynistic, hostile, and offensive comments and rather with you had not contributed them as they were neither productive nor constructive.

However, I would like to address some “misguided” comments of your own.

You say that this country is dangerous for men, who die younger than women on average. This is correct. Men have about a four year shorter life expectancy than women. But it is not because of gender inequality and violence towards them that is committed by women. On the other hand, sexism underlies women’s unequal access to healthcare, particularly around childbirth and maternal health issues. There are men who have worked in policy to explicitly block women’s access to healthcare and work to keep this the status quo.

Furthermore, the threat of a world war is terrifying. But you said it yourself, the world is in a state of unprecedented peace and has been for quite some time now.

A more terrifying threat, however, is the death toll from sexism, and the thousands of women that die in America because of it. Whether it’s by maternal mortality or intimate partner violence, both are outcomes underlined by gender inequality.

You may call this “stupid identity politics” but I rather highlight social issues that contribute to real everyday pain, suffering, and death rather than mere possibilities.

Finally, Donald Trump has not bragged about his sexual endeavors. He has bragged about his unsolicited, unwanted sexual contact with women and his ability to get away with it. This speaks of rape culture and inspires violence towards women.

To your suggestion that I play with little boys. That is disgusting and completely undermines any credibility of your comments. Your condescending tone makes me wonder your identity, but alas you have skillfully chosen to remain anonymous. A great idea if you’re going to be writing such crude messages to strangers.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting all of the points that I have made with this letter. With your response you have provided evidence that a woman cannot talk about her everyday lived experiences, which are by no means mine alone, without harassment.

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