New Year resolution?

Learn To Let Go.

Learn to let go. But what am I letting go of? I am a white woman. I look to be of sound mind and at ease. But believe me, I am at war parts of the day. Internal war is difficult. Internal war is ravaging. Internal war begins and ends with certain deciding battles. Today my battle is to let go, to love, and to never forget where I come from.

To gain peace, to gain patience, and to remain kind. I was searching this year since last, to find a peace that would certainly last. In my heart to know it true, that I have found it through and through. Patience is still something I lack. Finding patience inside of my peace may be a hack. Kindness always I will try to display, as last years revolution, it is here to stay.

Let myself be grow. Growth is fundamental. Growth is necessary. I will be growing in all directions and is all facets. Mental breakthroughs not breakdowns. Choosing my family, love others from a distance. This will create healthy space necessary for positivity and implement independence.

Go places I have never gone before. I will go places I never thought possible. Mentally and physically. Both alone and with the company of the family I am choosing. That may be to a new class to get a degree that I did not think possible only a few short months ago, or simply to let go of negative memories. A place I have simply not traveled is the path called, Learn to let go.