Your AirBNB Photos Sucks.. Follow these simple FOUR Tips

Panos A.
Panos A.
Apr 23, 2016 · 3 min read

1. Never take photos in portrait. They don’t fit on AirBNB and they look awful, always

2. Make sure your shot is focused on something and that its clear. Don’t take photos of in between rooms or spaces on the wall. There has to be a “point” to the shot. Take extra shots every time you take a picture so you can pick the least “blurry” image as well. Take shots from where your eyes naturally are and not above/below your head.

3. Optimize your shots for light. Get as much natural light as possible and add artificial light as a backup. Plan to do your shots during the time of day where each room has the most light (usually midday). Insert lamps behind your camera or strategically in rooms to lighten up dark areas.
When used correctly, adding flash to your shots can help a lot.

4. Prep, prep, prep. Prep each room. Clean each room the cleanest they have EVER been. Remove all clutter from each shot — there should not be anything there in the shot unless you planned it to be there. Make sure to insert accessories into each shot. You can rotate items of interest through each shot — for example flowers. Go all out on the details.

(there is obviously more you can do, but these 4 are essential in my experience to getting high quality shots.)

You do not need to have photography skills to make great shots that work. Remember, you can always get AirBNB free photography, its just a matter of getting good shots up at the beginning of your listing.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any doubts feel free to reach me out to I’d love to hear from you and eventually help kick off your Airbnb journey.

To your awesome hosting success!


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