New year, new name. Why change?

First a brief bit of history: I started Kolor Skemes in October 2000 after working for many years in a small print company. I created the name with the spelling based around my dyslexia. Back then working as a designer from my bedroom was at times a little awkward, as clients sat on my bed and went through amends on my colourful G3 Apple Mac.

A lot has changed since then. Over those 16+ years I capitalised on my print knowledge by trying to do more and more in-house. I invested every penny I had in some of the best technology the print industry can boast. I’ve put almost every waking hour into developing Kolor Skemes. Hitting impossible deadlines, finding and training the right staff, managing the finances and sales (of course) and constantly pushing myself to reach for the right balance of beautiful creative work against covering costs with more regular projects.

From this Kolor Skemes has grown into a very creative print company and one that I feel offers a truly unique service to the creatives of this world. But more recently I started to feel that something wasn’t quite right and during the development of a new website I started to question our branding. This lead to a short email to some of our clients to ask what they thought about the Kolor Skemes service, brand and communication. 100% of the responses said that our service was superb and stand out in the industry, but 100% also said that our name could be stronger and in some cases it actually put people off using us for the first time.

Kolor Skemes was too ambiguous really and it was obvious that it wasn’t just about me anymore. I am working with the best team I have ever had and everyone is learning, pushing and selling the company together. It’s a great place to work and we needed to reflect this.

So we sat down with our long time collaborators and creative friends Supple Studio to work out the best way to move forward.

Now, a long time ago I learnt to focus on your strengths. To me this meant telling people what we did and that we were simply honest, trustworthy, hard working and collaborative. I was quite keen to incorporate the word ‘Print’ in our new name somehow.

From this emerged WithPrint. Beautifully simple on its own but even stronger when paired together, building on our collaborative nature. Alongside a new name, we are using a bold new typeface (Bolton) designed by Face37 and we have powerful words written by totalcontent.

You can see our temporary new holding page here:

We are due to officially launch on 16/01/2017 and I hope this new look and name will help us make the next step in our growth and development.

Project partners
Supple Studio (Name generation and branding)
totalcontent (Copywriting)
Face37 (Bolton Typeface)

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