Business analysis as a management base of marketing activities

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Terms of the retail market, the increasing number of sales channels, changes in behavior and requirements of customers, revitalization of the competitors, and other dynamic macro trends lead to the growth of the necessary information for make informed marketing decisions, which also must be processed and analyzed. Under these conditions, the problem properly updated its collection, structuring, analysis and preparation for
use in the management of marketing activities.

The solution to this problem is to replace the plane traditional, simpler system of accounting and operating activities in retail establishments to modern information and analytical tools for its management, analysis and development. This business analysis, which in general can
introduce a system that includes the following areas of analysis: operational, financial, organizational, marketing, investment, is a tool for objective assessment and internal external organizational relationships. The main objective business analysis — focus management process to achieve the goals of the enterprise, in due to a shift from past diagnosis on the prognosis of the future monitoring of internal and external factors, information and consulting support management decisions, including marketing.

In the retail industry in modern conditions, necessitating revision
marketing strategy, special importance is strategic analysis that will clarify marketing goals, to plan marketing activities and to choose the optimal
marketing tools. The main tasks of business analysis as the basis of management of marketing activity of retailers is to define the parameters, indicators and performance analysis of the relevant assessment procedures, to identify the causes of deviations may arise and recommendations.

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