Practical manual. What is needed for the customer to see his advertising campaign on the Internet!?

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An urgent question, how to make the client see their creatives? Indeed, almost all customers are asking about this option, because it’s always curious to know what happened at all, and how the banner looks in this or that environment.

So, if the client does not fall under the targeting, then there are several options under which he can see his banner.
• You need to be targeted to the client’s ip-address. If ip is unified for the whole office, then you can catch a banner together with colleagues;
• You can limit the list of sites where the auction takes place, i.e. Add white-list to the list;
• Another option is to get into the retargeting segment.

How to be in the segment:
- we create an empty 1st-party segment;
- We set in the campaign a high CPM (from $ 10 to $ 15.);
- target the strategy to the created 1st-party segment and add WL;
- after that, the client must “snap” into the segment.

To do this, delete all cookies in the browser, go to the link and copy the received code. After that, in the developer mode, you need to select the Console tab, paste the code there and press Enter.

To check if it was possible to get into the segment, in the browser on the tab with a list of all the cookies, you need to find a cookie named audtd.
If it was counted as a browser, then you have entered the necessary segment as the target user, and you can start searching for a banner on the selected list of sites.

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