My Experience At Andela Bootcamp So Far (Fourth And Last Day Of Home Sessions)

Being a developer is a challenging task most especially for beginners. Joining Andela Bootcamp few days ago with full passion, I have gone through series of task and exercises. I have sat outside my comfort zone and given the best I could. Though there is no assurance of making it to the second round, notwithstanding I do have few lessons I would want to share with you.

The pace of learning: Having faced with the challenges of the exercises, my learning was at an incredible speed. If I have been concentrating like this for the last three months or so, I would have been a world class developer. Which entails, I can actually do it if am determined and committed.

Realization of the power of team work: Most times, we feel we can always accomplish several task without others. That’s quite true, but at the same time, you can accomplish it faster and more conveniently with others. The encouragement, the direction, and seeking of opinions can be very instrumental.

Perseverance: Theoretically, it is easy to resolve to not give up. But when harsh realities descends, can you really stand firm? I thought I would never confront learning challenge and blink, but the frustration I experienced during the first few days were unimaginable. Going back to revise JavaScript within hours, setting up its testing framework with command line (Jasmine) and later Git and github pushed me to a brink, but the growth mindset and encouragement sustained me.

You can always be better: At Andela, the case is not whether one can do it, it is how you can make it better. Before now, what I always wanted was that, my code should work, but coming to Andela, they let me understand that, always making it better is better. This has given me another perspective on development, to always seek ways of doing it better.

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