What you haven’t seen from Venezuela’s protests

A fire has been raging in Venezuela for the last two months as protests in the country have spiraled into episodes of mass civil unrest and waves of violence.

The crisis has claimed nearly fifty lives, mostly young students, and injured thousands since the Supreme Court attempted to dissolve the National Assembly and President Nicolas Maduro tries to illegally reform the constitution.

Strong graphic images and videos have poured through social media as protesters try to spread information and recruit international allies to help restore freedom to the oil-producing nation.

Here are some of those images. Viewer discretion is advised.

As protests have become larger and larger

Credit: Veronica Aponte
Credit: Gabriel Mendez
Credit: Leo Alvarez

Government repression has become stronger and stronger

Credit: Leo Alvarez

Protesters have now begun crafting their own defensive tools and weapons

Credit: Diego Vallenilla

Some have gotten very creative

“Liberty” Credit: Andres Kerese

Different generations have partnered in this fight for freedom

“I want to be born in democracy” Credit: Andres Kerese

Yet injuries and deaths at the hands of the government continue to take place

While others have been kidnapped by government forces and are being held in unknown locations

But the Venezuelan people continue to resist and fight back

Credit: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

All so that freedom and democracy can be restored

Credit: Veronica Aponte

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