Today, I’m here for myself.

No one will take care of me. No one will guide me. No one will listen to my story. Except God, myself is the only key that I can hold on.

A lot of thoughts, questions, what ifs, I wish, scenarios and never ending past that keeps chasing me. I dont know how will I deal with myself over my past. It makes me feel miserable, worthless, nothing and stupid on this earth.

So today, I want myself to be worry-free. I know how SAD can affect my life, the negativity that I have as the moment was the demon that I keep fighting for a very long time. And now, seeing myself waking up crying, being so lazy even though it’s morning.

I missed the old me, where I’m excited about the morning. I missed the smile that sparkling through my eyes. I missed the minds that full of positivity. I missed the old me where I am happy about tomorrow. Especially the nights where I cant sleep yet because tomorrow is another exciting day for me even though it just me. Yes, even though I’m just this.

Where I lost the old me? Can I find you again? And continue what we had? I’m waiting for you to comeback. So please, travel to return.

Because the moment that you back, I will never let you go.

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