What are the requirements of healthy sleep and a fresh wake-up?

Besides Food, Sleep is the most essential supplement a human body requires. If you are sleep-deprived, you cannot function properly throughout the day. This breaks your concentration, keeps you inactive and you will be forced to binge on unhealthy food.

Below are the few requirements of a healthy sleep and fresh wake-up:

A good amount of sleep:

Due to the depressing and upsetting atmosphere, too much of work load and little movement of the body are making human inactive and weak. Above all, sleep — deprived people who work at night or stays up late could purposely damage their mind and body. Thus, try giving your body good amount of sleep.

Early morning wake-up:

For a healthy body and mind, it is necessary to wake up early. From childhood, everybody sets alarm with a hope to wake up on time but, fails miserably many a times. Thus, to wake up early, one needs a good alarm clock that will induce a person into early peaceful sleep and an early wake-up with bright sunlight and without shrill noise. Check out Beddi-glow — a smart and intelligent alarm clock with sunrise simulated wake-up light to wake you up to in a natural environment.

Non-noisy wake-up:

Or for a fresh wake-up a person needs an alarm that is silent yet effective. The Witti Design brings you BEDDI — best smart app controlled alarm clock with white noise generator to wake you up with no shrill noise. It is a USB alarm clock to get a fully charged phone in the morning. Also, it has a Bluetooth feature to synchronize it with your phone’s music to wake you up with your favorite soothing sounds.

Inspiring and happy atmosphere:

A person who is lazy or active needs an inspiration to wake up. Thus, ROSSI from Witti Design brings you an aromatherapy diffuser to wake you up with fine aromatherapy mist. It will diffuse light sprinkle of mist for dry skin and sinuses to wake up without pain. Simply add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the water, turn on, and enjoy. Let your favorite scent infuse your room and achieve holistic wellness for body, mind, and spirit.


All the products of Witti Design are smart and intelligent with different features, color and style. You could sync them with your phone and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

So, start waking up fresh with Witti Design.

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