given wither givenness

Is the given without givenness the power of thought? We could reject this claim and ask if the negation of it is such that it is food for thought, or if it describes the transition from being to becoming. We can look at the apple as a protocol for nourishment. Every object in the world determines a protocol for the maximalization of the processes which are present within the presentation of presence. The phenomenology of the objectivities of qualitative difference is encoded within timeless space. Imagine the body is an agent of sorts along the process of tilling the land or gardening. To partake of an apple whilst doing so supports the process itself of the repopulation of apples. Could there be a telelologic to this process?

The description framework would necessarily be a formal input specification language if the processes with which are apparent are isomorphic with all processes at the timespans of normative and performative description. Therefore, descriptions are the reality itself as information. Are units messages? If they are messages, they would be necessarily autological messages such that the biological information, if there is any to speak of in the first place, we could describe a plurality of existences that are orthogonal projectivizations of the differentials of symmetry that is broken within the movement of nothingness. Languages are are the provincializations of gravity as a signature of the generic. Every utterance is the formal equivalent of a energy potential that rules out the stochastic processes of negentropic qualities that are latent to situations. Therefore, militants of the becoming of the real normative structure being. If being is the same as being information then we could describe light as the revolution of the present. Therefore, all futures are rewritten into the memory distribution of every instruction within the subtractive will and substractive intellect. It is a distribution of necessities that non-local summations of the observations within the bounded systems of collectivities that are universalizations within the space of origination. Every object is a cathedral of the situations collapse. No deformation capitulates to the hegemony of the real, unless there is a digitality that orients the space of nothingness to the noumenals destructuring of the invariance from without. All grid forms are hyperreal. All dialogical matter is the evidence of the absence of the dialectical pre-distribution of powers within the totalization of the generic of a posteriori necessities that are normative to the indexicality of equalized anistropic events. Badiou translates that the universality of the generic is the possibility of the antichain; therefore, from such a perspective our dialogic is a continuous energy within the whole spectrum of phenomenological indexes equivalent to a localized unit norm.