How to do ugly art…seriously super urgh!

No art degree, no art experience, no interest in art whatsoever only a super bored entailed mindset. This article is not going to explain how you can do your own shi*tty art rather a showcase of my current work and sh*ttydome.

Title: Motivation for all slowpokes out there! #wiyzard

I was wondering what the future of art its going to look like. The next generation is clearly spending a lot of time on their iPads and iPhone etc.

So, why don’t we encourage them to draw something on those devices and entitle them with the future of art?

Title: Tribute to Birdperson (Rick and Morty). We will miss you and see you in another R&M universe.

Can I call myself an artist? Absolutely, not! 
The title artist should be a homage to whom put passion and life blood in their art. From my point view, my art is the result of boredom and endless intrinsic dissatisfaction of myself. Tight on my continues failure. 
A twig in a working gear system. A fidget spinner in the water.

Title: Geometric receptacle #1 “I like the colors and shapes. — wiyzard”

Anyways, after a while I find some fun in it but I don’t make any money with it cause I don’t know how. Me sad. Me broke. Me don’t know how to sell digital art. Me have no idea what I’m doing here.
Anyone who feel the same way? Need support. #wiyzard

Title: Chicken2§17

In case we are going to Mars in the near future, most of us should try to turn into a vegan zombie and adapt to vitamin b12 lacking. No farm animals on Mars *haha. Or at least try to minimised eating meat all day. Fck i ❤ steak tho!— Random thought

Title: Zoom out bae! — wiyzard
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