The agony of digital isolation

“Don’t blame the others on your miserable state of life!”- ones a wise person told me when I was frustrated with how things works nowadays.

Title: Digital Geometric Boredom — Wiy

500+ friends on Facebook, couple followers on Instagram, and a snapchat account only used when kids are around for fun. #abyssofdigitalworld What’s the point? Am I afraid to disclose myself to public, afraid that my identity get stolen by some hackers? M A Y B E — SO_NO

But the point is that nobody cares L O N G enough to notice your internal isolation. Framed to be H A P P Y. Having an attention span of a ADHD kiddo. Inject the digital heroin of games, reddit and 9gag. Hoping that the next high_score will come.

Pretty sure im not the only one. Drowning in sea of meaningless digital friendship. Sensitive to digital disclosure. Call me an introvert of the web. Eternal spectator. A tree of the web.

What is the ultimate solution for it? Find something that gives a meaning for you. For me it is writing. Writing about yourself — your agony — helps a lot. Try it for yourself. Magic wonders #wiyzard

Moreover, get yourself out. The digital world is not the only world that exist — nhe!