Simbarashe Musarurwa

Hi Simba,

Thank you. I just read your piece on the future role of emerging markets in tech. I think it’s 100% spot on and I couldn’t agree more! There’s so much psychology around how emerging markets are perceived that isn’t consistent with the nature of the situation on the ground. I’d love to have a chat with you about all of this and my ideas for drones. If you have an inside connection, that would even be better because I am ready to go! I have so much experience and so many ideas but my bottleneck is money. I can’t raise capital as easily as I could if I was in a more developed country — and the amounts I’m looking for are far less than what most people would want. But again, there’s this huge disconnect between what people believe the nature of the opportunity in Africa is, and what the actual nature of the opportunity is.

We should totally have a conversation ASAP, would love to hear more of your views on this.

Your article should be mandatory reading for any African startup founder.

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