Types Keyboard of Computer Year by Year

Computer keyboard? Who does not know at the input device of this one? The beginning of its creation, the computer keyboard is inspired by an invention of the typewriter basic design made by Christopher Latham in 1868 and went on sale in 1877 by Remington Company.
At the beginning of the release, computer keyboards originally adapted from the pit cards (punch cards) and long-distance delivery technology (teletype). Precisely in 1946, ENIAC computer makers rely on a card reader slot as a tool insert and output at that time.
Today, several leading many keyboard manufacturers produce various types of keyboards are certainly more comfortable to wear over time. Types of increasingly innovative keyboard making it easier for users to get the job done quickly and effectively.

One type of keyboard layout that is most widely used by most of the world is manifold QWERTY keyboard layout. Other than that, manifold Dvorak keyboard layout, QWERTZ and AZERTY are still used by some users though not as much as with QWERTY. In this post I will discuss the types of keyboards ranging from layout to complete the connector will be discussed here. Curious? Consider the following explanation.

Kind of Keyboard by its Layout



Scholes, Glidden and Soule perform a invention by creating a QWERTY typewriter that berlayout this in 1878. Until the end of this layout becomes a standard typewriter successfully commercial in 1905. QWERTY taken from 6 letters in sequence precisely on the second row of the alphanumeric keys of the keyboard itself.

Design QWERTY keyboard keys are not sequential letter of the alphabet, was created in order to minimize congestion while typing on a mechanical typewriter. Although the QWERTY layout is fairly broad in its use, but this layout also has some disadvantages, one of which is inefficient.

For example, 48 percent of all the existing key is only done by a hand. Meanwhile, only 32 percent to press on the start line of the position of the finger on the keyboard. Therein lies the weakness of the left hand turns the load is greater than the right hand. The most obvious example of the weakness of the QWERTY layout is typing the letter “a” quite often used but it must be done by the ring finger of the left hand is weak.



This keyboard was found in 1932 to be exact before our country’s independence. This keyboard has an arrangement of letters in such a way that the right hand is more work than the left hand. Not only that, the Dvorak layout is designed so that 70 percent of users fall on the button keyboard located on the home row.

Not surprisingly, this layout can reduce fatigue when typing. A number of experiments conducted by various research also showed that the Dvorak layout is much more efficient 10 to 15 percent compared to the QWERTY layout.


This keyboard is deliberately made in order to improve some other keyboard types that already exist. Keyboard KLOCKENBERG separating the two parts of the keyboard that is part of the right and left. The right and left of the keyboard is separated by an angle of 15 degrees is made slightly sloping downward.

KLOCKENBERG keyboard also has buttons made more adjacent to the work table, I wonder if the user of this keyboard will feel more comfortable when typing. In addition to reducing the burden on the muscles in the fingers and wrist, keyboard KLOCKENBERG also designed to muscle burden especially on the hands and shoulders. Automatic separation of the left and right of the keyboard, it is more efficient and takes up space.


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