NEW Grimoire Concept Art, Behind-the-Scenes at the Lab, and the Aeon Dice Box

Hail, planeswalkers!

As always, things have been bustling as the Wizardry Lab, so let’s not waste any time — I’ve got a lot of topics to cover!

Black/White Grimoire Concept Art

Gerry and I have been brainstorming and iterating behind the scenes with this all-new dual-colored Grimoire. While these photos I’m about to show you aren’t exactly fan feedback ready (we are still trying to hone in on a style we feel comfortable with asking for feedback on), I still wanted to share our progress with you, because the process is really cool! The beginning of a new Grimoire design is always all over the place, because we are trying to find a concept and an implementation that fits well with the color or colors we have chosen for that Grimoire.

Here is the first design Gerry sent me:

After some I gave him a little feedback and we brainstormed some more, he sent me his second mock-up:

I dunno about you, but I’m excited about the direction the Black/White Grimoire is headed in.

Oh, and by the way…did I mention that we have art for an Artifact Grimoire ready to go?

That’s right! Do you guys remember this iteration of the Righteous Grimoire?


Well, you guys said that design would look really good for an artifact Grimoire, and your comments inspired us! We contacted one of our favorite artists, Joseph Zhou, and asked him to do artwork for an Artifact Grimoire — steampunk style! Our graphic designer Faya edited his artwork into a format that can be printed on the Grimoire boxes.

Too rad!

Behind the Scenes: The Wizardry Lab

Last week I picked up Kelly and visited our new Los Angeles office to grab the Aeon Dice Box samples and to check out the 3D printing process.

…long story short, Kelly doesn’t ever want to carpool with me again. But in my defense, if you’ve ever driven in LA/near LA, you’ll know how insane the traffic is. It’s like, imagine walking through Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. To not get murdered or worse, you gotta ruffle your hair and put your pants on your arms and pretend you’re just as crazy and dangerous as everyone else in there. Driving in California is the exact same concept. To not get in an accident, you gotta drive just as dangerously as everyone else around you. It’s a flawed system. It really is. But I digress.

After five near-misses and one spilled coffee on Kelly’s pants later, we got to the office. And we have cool pictures!

These two beauties are how we make your neato Pandora deck boxes. Super snazzy, amirite?

These are all our different colors of filament! We have special, exclusive colors that we’re going to be offering monthly, including pink, purple, and glow-in-the-dark.

Point your chimichangas at the fourth wall if you’ve seen the Deadpool movie! (I saw it at midnight. ;D)

Look at that beauty! Too perfect for this word. Too pure. Too good.

Aeon Dice Box Updates

Thank you to everyone who responded to my survey! That is much appreciated! Because of your feedback, we have decided to finalize two designs: “Dragon Hoard” and “My Fate Lies Within My Dice.” I am personally doing the artwork for both of these designs since I was the one who did the concept art.

Here’s a work in progress picture of the Dragon Hoard design (it was the most popular by far):

Yeah, that WIP makes my concept art look like s**t.

The power of REFERENCES! *throws glitter*

I also took photos of the samples I risked my life and Kelly’s life for. The sizes are slightly off — they are supposed to be 8cm x 8cm x 3cm, and the samples are 7cm x 7cm x 3cm. I have contacted the vendor about that, and rest assured it’ll be fixed by the time we start manufacturing the Aeon Dice Box.

These boxes are perfectly pocket-sized and durable. I already adore them!

Meet the Staff: Kelly, Product Dev and Brandon, Pandora Adept

I have more staff Magic cards to share with you all!

Kelly is my product development counterpart here at the Foundry. She has Flash because she’s always prepared to help out, and the rest of her abilities kinda speak for themselves. ;D

Brandon specializes in creating the 3D artwork that you see on the Pandora boxes (what we call “embossing”). Since he wanted both Black and Green, I wanted to give him some sort of buff and debuff ability. The nature of an embossing is to decorate the object it’s on, so if his embossing (Green mana tap) is on allies, it gives them a temporary buff. If it’s on enemies, however (Black mana tap), it gives them a debuff.

Whew! That was a lot! Thank you for tuning in to my product dev post. Don’t forget to preorder the Grimoire: Righteous, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter! We just really like hearing from you guys, ya know? Your feedback is the lifeblood of our company, so tune in to as many social media things as you can. We’re always posting cool stuff!

This blog post first appeared at Wizardry Foundry Blog