When is the best time to share on social media?

For many people, being able to successfully manage the world of social media takes a level of time and effort they simply don’t have. Therefore, those who have good ideas for social media management end up shelving their plans, unsure if they have the capacity to pull it off. However, with a bit of time and the right scheduling, you can make sure that your social media posts are not only going to be exciting, but they are going to be seen.

Many social media users tend to make the wrong timing and planning for their social media sharing, reducing their chances of achieving success. So, then, what are the best times that you should be looking to post to social media?

For Twitter

As the ultimate fast-news site that makes it easy to connect with people quickly and easily, Twitter is very specific. If you post at the wrong time you could be seeing yourself fall down the pecking order, having missed the right time to get in touch with people and instead seeing your tweets missed out on by people at work and the like.

For Twitter, the typical tweet is seen by 75% of the full audience who will see it within a simple three-hour limitation. This means that a tweet has a very short lifespan, and thus you need to make sure that engagement is made as easy as possible.

Typically, the best times to post are at 3PM on a Monday right through to Friday. You tend to get lots of people who are spending time on their Twitter account around the afternoons. You also catch that three-hour spell where you get all the people just finishing work and the like. So, for Twitter users, the best time to post on social media in the UK is just around about late-lunchtime, Monday to Friday.

For Facebook

As the other most popular solution for managing social media is Facebook. Alongside Twitter, it’s the best places for engagement and interacting with people. Your best times would be posting between 12PM-3PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. For reasons that we can’t really ascertain, Tuesdays just seem to under perform the rest of the working week.

Weekends should be posting around 12–1PM: when most people are just lounging around, enjoying the pleasure of some time off and visiting social media. Analysis shows that most people are going to be getting the majority of their interaction posting at this time on Facebook.

As ever, though, you have to determine this based on your following. If you are involved in trying to market to people who work on the night-shift, for example, you won’t be posting at the same times. By the same token, if you are advertising for products for teenagers and school kids, it’s best to keep your posting until after school, but before dinner time (6PM on average).

With this kind of mentality shift, you can make sure you are at least looking out for the best times to post. While it might take a lot of experimentation and planning to find the gaps of time that suit your business and your audience best, finding times for maximum engagement can be the catalyst you need to get the most out of social media.

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