A Closer Look at the Wizards of Wizarre

4 min readDec 3, 2021

The Wizarre world is full of cool characters, features, and adventures, all jam-packed into one vibrant ecosystem. So welcome to our game — a world made up of magical 2D theme and built to take you on the most exciting journey possible in the digital realm.

At the core of the game, we’ve developed our rare Wizard NFT (Non-Fungible Token) characters. Throughout your Wizarre journey and gameplay experience, you’ll assume the role of these characters to engage in activities and battle against your opponents.

To learn more about these Wizards, their powers, and how they function within the ecosystem, let’s further explore some key points.

What Makes Our Wizards Special?

Wizards represent the characters you play within the game and come in the form of NFTs, specifically BEP-20 tokens running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). There’s no cap on the total amount of Wizards that can exist, but they still remain unique and rare due to their immutability and unique characteristics thanks to blockchain technology.

The immutability features that NFTs bring mean that when Wizards are created, they cannot be changed — that means their equipment, body/face characteristics, powers, and spells. Everything stays the same, lying on the blockchain. However, there are two aspects that can be upgraded, which are the characters’ level and statistics.

Every Wizard character is therefore unique and comes with the following:

  • Wands, hats, eyes, chests, and beards/hair with different colors and visuals
  • Will, health, and power (higher levels translate into higher powers)
  • Spells to engage in battle
  • Fire, water, and nature elements

We’ll discuss all of these characteristics in more detail later.


One of the core features within the game is the ability for users to perform a “Ritual Summoning” activity,” also known as breeding — this essentially means that you can create a brand new Wizard. This allows players to create a part of the game and overall economy, giving them more choices and flexibility while making it engaging.

Summoning is critical when you want to diversify your Wizard NFT portfolio and have a variety of different characters to battle with. Remember, not every Wizard will have the abilities and features you want. Characters are limited in this respect, so you have to collect more to broaden your scope.

The more you acquire, the more opportunities you’ll be presented with on our platform. For example, when you collect 3+ Wizards, you’ll become eligible to participate in leagues and tournaments.

Core Character Utility & Gameplay


Battling is a key part of the game and really brings out the spirit of our players, making it competitive and entertaining. To begin, matches can be divided between Wizards in a 1v1 or 3v3 setting — in both match types, one player always faces off against another but with a different quantity of characters.

When battling, if a player desires to have different spells, powers, or other features for their Wizard, they will need to either summon a new one or trade/purchase a different one on the marketplace. The more you battle with your Wizards, the more powerful they become — you can either choose to stay back and wait until your character initiates a really strong spell or continuously attack your opponent.


All Wizards can select from three different spells based on each element and different attacks, such as shocks, beams, balls, and strikes. Whenever a Wizard casts a spell on another player, they can be affected in different states, like being burned, poisoned, stunned, and rooted (similar to the reaction of Pokemon characters to attacks).

Certain spells that are cast will directly hit a Wizard, an AoE (Area of Effect), or entirely for some characters. Wizards can also use tactical spells and defend themselves with features such as ice blocks, healing, teleporting, and more.

It’s important to remember that each Wizard only has a limited amount of spells, so it’s harder to fight against standard characters.


Wizards have specific strengths and weaknesses in regards to the different elements. For instance, nature is effective against water, fire trumps nature, and water beats fire. Again, this concept is very similar to Pokemon’s element types and structure and means certain attacks will (or will not) work well on specific Wizard types.


Please note that Wizzare is not an RPG game, so when playing, users will not be able to add special equipment, acquire new skills when leveling up, or any other element related to this gameplay style.

What We’re All About

We’ve developed the game to be a mix of an arcade and turn strategy game, implementing both sides of the coin to make it really fun, interesting, and competitive. You need to think on your toes and be smart about which Wizards you choose to create and buy, in addition to which strategies you want to utilize to come out on top against your opponents.

Wizards are the face of the Wizarre game — of course, we’ll be continuing to innovate to add new and interesting characters, coupled with lucrative gameplay features, to make the experience even better.

No matter if you’re in it for the gameplay or just an investor looking to collect and trade, the Wizards of Wizarre have plenty to offer!




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