Early Access 0.10 patch notes

3 min readMay 4


Are you ready, Wizards!? Wizarre brings several exciting new features and improvements to the game, including introducing Feathers, rebalancing several spells, spawn location rework, and more! Early Access Patch 0.10 is now ready to download!


One of the most significant changes in Patch 0.10 is the introduction of Feathers. Each Feather reduces the opening time of Lootballs by three hours. Moreover, they are obtainable from Lootballs! This feature makes it easier for players to acquire Lootballs and access the rewards within them. It’s a welcome addition that will undoubtedly make the game even more exciting.

Exp reward for unfinished matches

Another critical change in this patch is the addition of experience rewards for unfinished matches. Previously, players who stayed in the game but had their match interrupted due to a disconnect or an opponent leaving would not receive any experience. With Patch 0.10, players will now receive experience points for unfinished games. This change is a great way to encourage players to stick around until the end, even in adversity.

Spawn location rework

Spawn locations have also been reworked in this patch. Several map locations had high instant kill risks, and these spawns have been removed to make the game more fair. This change ensures that all players have an equal chance of success, and it removes some of the frustration of being instantly killed upon spawning in the match.

Rebalanced spells

The spells in Wizarre have also been rebalanced in Patch 0.10. Some spells have increased damage, while others have decreased their mana costs. Here is the list:

  • Ray of Sunshine, Thunder Strike, Icycle: damage increase 20 > 22
  • Fire Poke, Earth Poke, Water Poke: damage increase 6 > 7
  • Fishball: damage decrease 26 > 24
  • Fireball, Waterball, Natureball: mana cost decrease 25 > 23
  • Fire Beam, Nature Beam, Water Beam: damage decrease 21 > 19, and mana cost decrease 26 > 24
  • Fire Breath, Nature Breath, Water Breath: mana cost decrease 26 > 23
  • Toadstool: explosion range increase 1 > 1,5
  • Crabby: destroy delay decrease 2s > 1,5s
  • Fire Stun, Water Stun, Nature Stun: mana cost decrease 20 > 16
  • Fire Teleport, Nature Teleport, Water Teleport: mana cost increase 11 > 14
  • Fire Roots, Nature Roots, Water Roots: mana cost increase 16 > 18
  • Baked Potato: damage increase 40 > 45
  • Mah Laser: damage decrease 36 > 33

Minor game improvements

In addition to several new features implemented, our team fixed known bugs that our community informed us about. Furthermore, several gameplay maps where Wizard battles occur have been graphically improved!

Wizarre’s Patch 0.10 release is an exciting step forward for the game. With the introduction of Feathers, the rebalancing of spells, and the improvements to the game’s stability, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of Wizarre. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, there’s plenty to enjoy in the latest update. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, jump into the game, and let the fun begin!




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