Early Access 0.9 patch notes

3 min readApr 13


Patch 0.9 is now live in Wizarre! The latest update introduces several changes in many available spells. We have also decided to implement the Lootballs system, thanks to which you will be able to receive various rewards for levelling up your account!

Lootballs system

One of the highlights of Patch 0.9 is introducing the Lootballs system. When you reach certain levels, you will receive Lootballs as rewards, which can be found in the Treasury tab. They are divided into 3 categories:

  • Unlockable Bronze Lootballs at 0–30lvl
  • Unlockable Silver Lootballs at 31–60lvl with a 50% of chance
  • Unlockable Golden Lootballs at 61–90lvl with a 33% of chance

Each of them comes with many different skins that you can use to change the look of the NFT Wizard. There are plans to introduce even more rewards, such as victory poses, animated team backgrounds, emoticons, and more. Make sure to follow our social media channels for updates on new unlockable rewards!

Maximum level increased

Previously, the maximum account level in Wizarre was 30. From now on, the maximum level has been increased to 90 and is dictated by the possibility of collecting more rewards!

Additionally, XP resets at levels 31 and 61 in the level up requirement. This means that once you reach the levels above, you start earning XP from your base value.

Enemy and ally spell information

During each battle, everyone will be able to see what spells both your and your opponent’s Wizards currently have. This provides valuable information that can help players strategize and make more informed decisions during matches, adding a new layer of depth to the gameplay.

Stun spell

The Stun spell is the newest one responsible for stopping the enemy’s Wizard for a few seconds. With its help, you can thwart your opponent’s plans to win the duel!

The Stun spell is available in all Elements.

Rebalanced and changed spells

To keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, Patch 0.9 includes rebalanced and changed spells:

  • Magma: damage decrease
  • Poke: mana cost increase
  • Laser Beam: damage decrease, and mana cost decrease
  • Shield: mana cost increase, covers also allies
  • Breath: damage increase
  • Touch: damage increase
  • Ray of Sunshine: damage increase
  • Thunder Strike: damage increase
  • Icycle: mana cost decrease
  • Teleport: mana cost increase
  • Bazinga!: damage decrease
  • Mah Laser: damage decrease
  • Crabgoyle: damage increase
  • Bubble Trouble: indestructible, permeable

Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we strive to make Wizarre the best gaming experience possible. Update your game to Patch 0.9 now, and prepare for an enhanced and thrilling adventure in the world of Wizarre! 🔥




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