Ritual of Summoning: A Comprehensive Guide

5 min readJun 29, 2022

Wizarre has plenty of fun and exciting ways to participate in and make the most out of the game. After all, our ecosystem is rich with different characters, in-game items, and features that are all at your fingertips!

One of the most important parts and elements of the game is the Ritual of Summoning process, which allows you to grow your NFT character army and explore the game even further with newly-created Wizards.

Today, we’re giving our readers a comprehensive tutorial and guide on how this feature works and the steps needed to successfully breed your first Wizard.

Or you can watch this short video instruction:

Step-by-Step Guide

Beginning the Ritual of Summoning process is simple and straightforward. First, go to the official Wizarre dApp by navigating to https://app.wizarre.io/summoning

Next, select the Summoning tab on the upper-left of the screen to be taken to the main page.

Now that you’re ready to go, follow the steps below to complete the Ritual of Summoning process.

1. Begin by selecting your first and second Wizards. All information is displayed within the right-hand window.

  • Every Wizard you own can only perform the Ritual of Summoning a maximum of 5 times. The number of your Wizard’s soul that’s available can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (located on the cards and under selected Wizards in the Ritual interface window).
  • Throughout the Ritual of Summoning process, the Wizard’s gender doesn’t matter at all and doesn’t need to be considered — this is because Wizards are summoned from another dimension through a magical portal on a Land.
  • Users can also leverage their Ephemerals instead of a regular Wizard (in the event you don’t have one in your possession or don’t want to use one in your wallet), which can be used once and work as normal. If you choose to utilize one of these enhancements, certain parts of the summoned Wizard will be random and won’t inherit any particular genetic characteristics.

To replace a Wizard, you can view the menu at the bottom of the screen and click Recycle on the right-hand window. To remove a selected Wizard from the Ritual of Summoning process, select the “Minus” button in the right window.

  • Note that the purple background surrounding the Wizard images on the bottom of the screens means the Wizards aren’t related to one another. On the contrary, if there’s a plum color background, this means that they’re relatives.

2. On the left-hand side, select Portal and choose the Land you want to use for the summoning on the bottom.

  • Throughout this process, you’re also able to replace Lands, similarly to Wizards. Each piece of Land comes with its own unique feature, which has a chance of being activated during the Ritual of Summoning.
  • Please note that the cooldown period for Lands is 48 hours.
  • Ephemeral Lands can also be utilized instead of regular ones, but can only be used once and don’t provide any special powers. These types of Lands can be used if you don’t have a Land NFT in your possession or choose to not wait until the 48-hour cooldown duration.

3. Once you’re all set and you’ve selected your chosen Wizards and Land, go to the middle of the screen and click Summon.

  • In order to execute this process, you’ll need to confirm the transaction for summoning, using Ephemeral Wizards or Lands, and paying in $SCRL tokens. This essentially means enabling permissions via your wallet for you to move forward.
  • Please note that if a relative performs a ritual, this significantly increases the chance of a mutation occurring. It’s important to remember that a mutation isn’t necessarily a positive or negative event (i.e. doesn’t affect the character’s battle skills) but does subject a Wizard to having random parts.

4. Next, a popup window will appear outlining the Ritual of Summoning details. Read through and confirm everything looks good, then click Summon to move forward with the transaction.

Approve the transaction in your wallet by spending the necessary amount of $SCRL to proceed.

5. Once the transaction has gone through, your summoning has been completed. The below screen will appear confirming that the ritual was successful, and you’ll be able to see your new Elemental by navigating to the My Wizards tab.

Please note that 72 hours are required for an Elemental to grow into a Wizard, so you’ll need to wait until you have your new character for full use in the game.

In the My Wizards tab, if you select a Wizard or Elemental character, you’ll be able to view who summoned them and who they summoned in the statistics section.

  • Remember that even if a Wizard has lost its ability to summon, they’re still able to fight in battles within the game, so they still have plenty of utility.

Start Summoning Today

We hope this overview and guide was helpful for our community! We’re extremely excited to be introducing and implementing the Ritual of Summoning feature — it’s going to add a new twist to the game with more options for users to create and customize new Wizards.

So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun and start the Ritual of Summoning process today. Begin collecting Wizards and Lands and elevate your status in the game!

Make sure to follow us closely on our social media channels below to get more of a flavor of what we’ve got in store and what we have planned. There’s much more to come!




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