SCRL: The Native Token Driving the Wizarre Economy

Wizarre is building the next generation of NFT blockchain gaming — we’re creating a fun and interactive magic-themed concept where you can play with NFT Wizard characters and Lands to battle against others, explore the metaverse, and level up to improve your stats.

Within the Wizarre world, we’d like to introduce SCRL (Scroll), our native utility token that powers the Wizarre game and all of the many parts and features within. Let’s take a closer look at how the token functions in action and some of its key use cases on our platform.

High-Level Token Overview

SCRL is a BEP-20 token running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), leveraging the Binance network’s extremely fast speeds, high scalability, and low costs. Our team has plans to eventually expand the token to the Ethereum blockchain, including other chains with layer-2 solutions, in order to reach a wider market and offer more opportunities for our investors and players.

Only 10 billion SCRL tokens are in circulation, so only this amount of tokens will ever exist — this is the cap and cannot be increased. Additionally, we’ve built in a burn mechanism to make SCRL deflationary — any transactions that occur on our marketplace or platform activities are executed in SCRL, where we then burn a portion of the tokens received.

SCRL Key Use Cases

The SCRL token serves a variety of functions and purposes on our platform, ranging from a useful in-game asset to a rewards mechanism for your personal financial benefit.


What is summoning, you may ask? Summoning is the only way that new Wizards can be created within the game, and is also known as “breeding.”

For example, Wizards can use Lands with portals to complete the “Ritual of Summoning” where the player must select one Land and two Wizards — a new Wizard is then “summoned” (or created) in the game.

Within the ritual itself, Wizards need to use the SCRL token to pay a fee in order to complete a summoning — after the ritual has finished, the new Wizard that was summoned will appear in your web wallet.


Through our play-to-earn model, users can be earned on a daily basis just for participating in and playing the game — that means the more you play, the more SCRL tokens you can earn! You mainly receive tokens through playing in leagues and winning matches against your opponents, selling rewards you earned from victories, renting out your Land to others, completing daily quests, and more to keep the competitive spirit high and positive!


Staking the SCRL token our platform offers yet users with yet another amazing option to earn passive income. As an extra bonus, we’ve also implemented an upgraded staking feature where Land NFT owners can stake SCRL on their Lands — the more tokens you stake on a piece of Land, the more frequently you can use that NFT to summon another one.

Another option is to send your Wizards on a “Wizard Adventure,” also known as “Wizard Staking,” especially for those you might not be using at the current moment within the game. You’ll need to choose at least 2 Wizards and pay a small fee in SCRL to get started — once they’ve completed their journey, players will receive loot-boxes that contain rewards distributed at random, such as SCRL, in-game equipment, etc. The more Wizards you send off on an expedition, the more rewards you’re eligible to earn.

No matter what, there’s always an option to put your tokens to work to benefit you financially!


You can use any SCRL tokens you’ve earned or purchased to upgrade your Wizards within the game. At first, every player starts off with a standard Wizard that is not represented by an NFT — with SCRL, you can transform this character into a standard NFT-based Wizard character as an upgrade for a fee, or directly purchase it on our marketplace as an alternative.

This way, everyone can leverage the token to level up and purchase stronger, better characters with more features. We’ve made it this way so that the game is more fun, competitive, and interesting!

Payment Method

When it comes to transactions within the game, we’ve designed SCRL to be the primary source to make it easy and convenient for our players. The token is used as a currency within our NFT marketplace, meaning you can buy or sell any of our NFT characters and Lands in SCRL.


With all of the great features and benefits that the SCRL token brings to the table, it brings so much more excitement and promise to the Wizarre game. The token isn’t on the market just yet but will soon be available for purchase through our IDO, which we’re working on behind the scenes.

We hope everyone is just as excited as we are to be able to embark on a magical journey with your Wizards and Lands while also using the SCRL token to elevate your gameplay!




F2P and P2E Wizard-themed NFT blockchain game with a procedural spell system🪄 Telegram: Discord:

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F2P and P2E Wizard-themed NFT blockchain game with a procedural spell system🪄 Telegram: Discord:

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