The Wizards of Wizarre: A Deep Dive

The Wizarre ecosystem offers users and players endless opportunities to not only have fun but also benefit from a wide array of rewards and incentives. As our team has continued to expand upon the platform and further develop the game, these initiatives have always been top of mind.

But what’s the biggest factor that drives our overall game and stays closest in the hearts of our community members?

That would be our beloved Wizards! As our community knows, these Wizard characters sit at the core of Wizarre, each serving as a unique NFT special to each player.

So without further ado, today we’ll be going through a deep dive into our Wizards, their characteristics and features, playability, and their overall purpose on Wizarre.

What are Wizards?

Wizards are the characters users play within the Wizarre game, setting the stage for our magic-themed world ready to take you on a journey. They’re represented through NFTs (BEP-721 tokens) that are available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), leveraging the network’s low transaction fees and fast speeds for an optimal user experience.

These NFTs are rare because of their immutability and special features/characteristics that make them unique. In addition, an infinite amount of Wizards are available, with plenty of possibilities to create new ones with a mix of features.

Because all Wizards are immutable when created, this means that they can’t be altered or changed in any way (except with Elixir Enhancements that can modify certain features). Although this is the case for their characteristics, equipment, powers, and spells, a Wizard’s statistics and level can be upgraded through various activities and initiatives.

2 types of Wizards exist:

  • Genesis characters (~900 total)
  • First-borns (brought into existence through Summoning and other activities)

Once a user acquires a Wizard, these characters can be used in two different ways — The “Ritual of Summoning” and battling opponents (more information to be provided later in this blog).

Key Features

All of our Wizards come with various features that can be used within the game to compete and engage in activities.

Here’s a comprehensive summary of these features and how they’re utilized within the game:

  • Body Parts & Characteristics: Each Wizard comprises various body parts (hats, robes, staffs, emblems) and has physical characteristics (eyes, noses, mouths, beards/hair, etc.) that all come with their own colors and visuals and determine the spells a Wizard has
  • Elements: Fire, Water, and Nature are the elemental colors that help determine different spells and impacts that occur in the game for each Wizard
  • Spells: Various spells are cast by your Wizard on other opponents that can inflict damage, based on elements and other factors
  • Personalities: 6 personality types exist — angry, excited, grumpy, happy, noble, wicked
  • Statistics: Each Wizard comes with different statistics that represent their overall strength relative to other characters — they are power, will, mana, luck, and spirit
  • Souls: Every Wizard has 5 soul fragments that allow them to summon 5 other Wizards. When souls are depleted, they can only be used in battles moving forward

Learn all about these characteristics and features in greater detail on our blog.

Creating & Using Wizards

As previously mentioned, Wizards can be created through breeding and utilized in battles throughout the game, where they can become stronger and upgrade.

Let’s break down both of these factors to better understand the utility of Wizards:

Ritual of Summoning (Breeding)

To create a Wizard, a user needs to initiate a “Ritual of Summoning,” otherwise known as breeding. In this sense, users can create entirely new Wizards and contribute to the Wizarre game economy, bringing new life to the ecosystem and introducing unique Wizards with special characteristics and features.

In order to successfully execute the breeding process, a user needs to hold the following:

  • 2 NFT Wizards
  • 1 NFT Land
  • SCRL tokens to sacrifice

Alternate avenues can be taken (as exceptions) to the above, where a user would need:

  • An Ephemeral Wizard single-use Enhancement item for substituting Wizard NFTs
  • An Ephemeral Land single-use Enhancement item as a replacement for Land NFTs
  • 2 Ephemeral Wizards & an Ephemeral Land can be combined to summon a Wizard NFT

Ultimately, the goal of Wizarre is not only to increase the value and status of the Wizards you own but also to grow your army. It’s important to note that having more Wizards expands the number of features and abilities you can leverage, as each Wizard is limited to how many they can have.

Remember that during the “Ritual of Summoning,” users are given an opportunity to further alter the Wizards they breed. For example, Enhancements are made available that allow users to adjust the Wizard’s genetic traits.

More information about Wizard summoning and genetics can be found on our Medium blog.


When you’ve created your Wizard, it’s now time to take action and use your character in battle. This is an essential part of the game because it brings out the competitive nature of our players and characters alike.

Battles are played in 3v3 combat (any mode), where Wizards face off against one another in an action-packed setting.

One of the keys to winning battles is to level up your Wizards, which can be done by continuing to engage in more battles or being strategic in using your character’s features, spells, and powers.

Earning With & Buying Wizards

Users can earn through their Wizards by keeping their souls and leveling them up (to sell them at a higher price) or selling them on the Wizarre NFT Marketplace to other users. Your Wizards are monetizable at all times and therefore a key component to our in-game economy.

If you want to acquire more Wizards, they can be purchased on our Marketplace, within the staking map, and via contests.

With so many ways to earn and get new Wizards, the opportunities are limitless!

The Wizarre team doesn’t create any Wizards — all playable characters are created by the players themselves.

Stay in the Loop

As we continue on our journey to improve upon our platform and create new, exciting features for our Wizards, don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels!



Powerful Wizard, exciting magic battles, exclusive NFTs - all in this free-to-play PvP game! Create your own NFT and claim rewards while playing and earning 🪄✨

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Powerful Wizard, exciting magic battles, exclusive NFTs - all in this free-to-play PvP game! Create your own NFT and claim rewards while playing and earning 🪄✨