My General Ideas:

The Healing Calendar
Beat Weights
Fruit Balls
The Swim Gym
Balance Table
The Weighted Table
Ottoman PT Storer
Get Your Day On Vitamins
Gravity Lift Weights
Softwood Floors

New Warm-Up Game:

Warm up game: I decided to chose a warm up that followed creating sentences with one word. However, I decided to switch it to three words so that there was more variety for each individual to come up with each turn, because with one word I felt you could be limited. We did this for 5 minutes.

Session Organization


Josh Goetz (current xc runner who undergoes injuries regularly): Hometown Jamison, Pennsylvania

Ashley Lee (former PT patient): Hometown Exeter, New Hampshire

Phil Moulton: Hometown St.Paul, Minnesota

Wojitec Pietka: Hometown Mankato, Minnesota

Johan Barreiro: Hometown Minnetonka, Minnesota

Jacques Lerouge: Hometown Omaha, Nebraska

Abby Gardener: Hometown Plymouth, Minnesota

Each of these students are living in Centennial, however, they all came from all different places as noted above. With that said, each are entirely different with personality and creativity abilities. Starting with Wojitec in the hooded sweatshirt, he was born in Poland and usually leads the conversations. To the right of him is Jacques, who is French and tends to be more on the funny side with his idea creation. To the right of him is Josh, who is cross country runner for UMN who has dealt with multiple injuries in running with both his feet and knees. Josh is one of my representatives due to his knowledge with running while injured, and the different equipment used for injuries. After him, I chose this girl Abby who does not play any sports, however is in CDES so I thought she may be able to come up with some creative ideas. To her left is Johan, who is Latino and full of unique ideas regarding music, so I figured it could be interesting to see what he could come up with outside of that. Ashley is then to his left who is my other representative who was in my interviews last week, and she went through an extensive period of PT work and had a lot of different ideas to tweak current PT equipment. And last but not least is Phil, who is also not in athletics however still offered contrasting ideas.

Setting: Kitchen of Centennial Hall

The kitchen is an open space for residents at Centennial Hall to rent for cooking, however all other areas were occupied or not private enough. With this said, I figured this could be an easy to access location for this group. In specific, we chose a large rectangle table to sit at near a wall so I could post the ideas on the wall after the brainstorming session.

Length of Time of Generation: ~45 minutes of idea generation

IPM: ~7 people 40 ideas= ~6 ideas per person (5.7)

Sorting and Voting:

From the start, we had a large array of funny ideas that were unattainable, but also practical ones. After many laughs we decided to separate the ones on the table as funny ideas that are unattainable, and then more practical ones that were still funny. From there we started to look at which ones looked similar, and started to group them. In the process of categorizing, we found an overwhelming amount of weight exercises, body weight exercises, virtual exercise, automatic electric, and simple lunch break exercises to do at work. The process we used in the multi-voting was hand raising because I did not have stickers, but it was still the same process. From here we narrowed it down more.

Final Look after Voting

Top Ideas

Safe Guard Trampoline: Abby
The Rockwell Climber: Jacques
Dish the Electricity Bicycle: Jen
Head Rotator: Ashley
Just PT with Bonuses: Josh
Netflix and Crunch: Abby
The Ab Flexor: Wojitec
Virtual Reality Fear Recovery Goggles: Jacques
Fruit Balls: Jen
The Pool Gym
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