Creating an app while working full time

Quitting your job and chasing your dreams is not an easy decision even for the most courageous and bold ones. Your deep fear of leaving your comfort zone and the financial uncertainty you will face during that adventurous period are the main reasons that everyday your desired reality box walks away. Unless you have a 3 to 6-month worth of expenses saved in your bank account and the necessary self-commitment and discipline for making your idea a reality…well, it could prove a tough challenge. Of course, you could always opt for a less risky way — working at nights and during the weekends on a side project you really believe in, hoping that one day it will bring you enough money to cover your basic needs. And that’s exactly where we are today.

The journey

For us, the journey begun two and a half years ago with many on-offs and a slightly different team structure. Either because we were not 100% focused on our dreams or we hadn’t found the idea we were excited enough about, our previous efforts failed. But, there is no doubt we gained valuable experience during those years (both a technical and a business perspective) and we are here now with an idea we like a lot and we invest 110% of ourselves to make it happen. We like to call our team Wizope and our members Wizopians! We are a self-funded team with a tremendous passion for creating apps that will drive true value to our community!

Elevator pitch

Our idea is to create a multiplayer mobile app that kids and teenagers can use to practice their math skills and expand their knowledge; adults will have the opportunity to “return” back to their school years and experience a much-needed knowledge refreshment in a playful and interactive way. We aim to deliver a 1 vs 1 math game that is highly competitive, exciting and fun; easy to play with and with an equally visual appeal! The game is currently being developed for both major smartphone platforms meaning it will be available for iOS and Android devices alike.


The Wizope team comes from a web developer background and thus, have tried the WebView solution in the past. With all the limitations and mainly the sub-par performance issues we faced, we were excited to try React-Native since it has become one of the latest trends.

We created an initial prototype and were amazed by the performance and the small effort needed to make the app cross platform. We built the back-end server using Node.js and our API with GraphQL (anyone notices a pattern for Facebook technologies or it’s just me?).

After our successful proof-of-concept, it’s time for an intuitive-oriented design session and finally polishing everything to be in perfect shape! It will be a journey we would like to share with you during which important technical and business decisions need to be made. We are super excited with our steps so far and we are strongly determined to see us get on track for the big launch!

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