The mind doesn’t like leaving stuff unfinished

When a song gets stuck in your head — typically a phrase, chorus or a specific short melody is what sticks. I read on Reddit that to get rid of it, finish the song, through thought or actual singing. I’m usually stuck with songs I hate so I’ve tried this multiple times since. To my astonishment, this LPT actually worked for me. The little tweak I made was to not allow myself get to enthusiastic when doing it.

Now, Learned paralysis is something I first heard from a TED talk by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran I saw a long time ago, about when it was published in late 2007 on Youtube.

Lately I’ve been feeling distracted. I feel like my mind is buzzing with thoughts and ideas in repeat. It has gotten to the point that I’m absent about most aspects of my life.

By combining the two separate info-bits above, I’ve somehow concluded that I should start a blog. Even if I don’t produce a single public post — by writing my down my thoughts should, in theory, relieve potential “brain-circle-jerk”.

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