“How I was accused of murder.”

“A true-life story, my story”


A ruler, so furious and impious, governed the region of my province

Cold-hearted, rude and arrogant were not enough words to describe him

Though was exactly what he is and was but he did this with pride and no regret

He was designed to his identity to destroy, kill and bring in emptiness,

Until all is ram shackled nothing stops, as a matter of reality,

He was compelled to see the disappearance of my province,

I will like to tell more about him, as importantly would prefer you listen to this

My Life story and its truth,

On How I was accused of murder,

from the beginning and the whole story.

Long! Long!! time ago in the beginning of my province, was crowned a king

Who was supposed to rule over everything given to him by his father called Omni.

Yet was given instruction of what to do and what not to do, everything went on fine until one day,

His messed up uncle Sly; been jealous of Omni sort to hurt his son in place of the kingship, and he cursed the boy who is supposed to be king to disobey his father and that angered Omni so dearly.

In his fury, sent away his son to slavery due to the displacement of purpose and disobedience.

Sly was made ruler in his place, my province from that moment lived their lives in total slavery and frustration, wailing and in worries, been tortured for no reasons, broken down

Piece by piece as lead by this wicked king, ruled for years, refused to die

Omni been far away regardless of his disappointment on his son felt so sorry for his children and subjects who he had protected all these years, yet knew it wasn’t yet time to get hold of that which is rightly his,

Sly gladly with no pity killed so many, turned people against their selves, brothers fighting brothers,

Cheating and fraud became the air they breathe, talk about the ladies, some raped and others willingly giving away their pride,

Sleeping with men for money and immorality grew exceedingly with no act of remorse in their heart,

This was clear, Sly had powers and cast on all men; ignorance and being the god of this province blinded their eyes, broke their heart in daily occurrence until they became costumed to that as a way of life,

Oh! What pain lead to pass through their veins, some had been chained for years and the metal gradually eating into their flesh with excruciating pain.

What about the tears and weeping of mothers, whose children were taken off them and was given to other kingdom for slavery and for prostitution, hear them scream loud as they can in resistance to the guards and their parent unable to do anything, in pause of life with no flex of a muscle scared of the death of their children, As loud as they screamed Sly grow stronger, he feed on their fears and sorrow, dined with their misery and embraced the mind keeping it to captive, more that was painful was the slavery of their mind.

Making sure they couldn’t think, captured their thoughts leading them not just dumb but dead,

That’s the nature of my province before I was born, that continues for years and century,

Still in all of these pain and sorrow, women crying,

Sang songs of encouragement to their husbands and children telling them,

“It’s so dark that I could hardly hold your hands

Indeed darken that I don’t even know how or what to feel,

But this am sure of, comes a king among us from afar

He is love and merciful and gracious and he will come for us,

He will come soon,

Come! Come!! Come!!! ,

Come King, for we await you”

Hearing this songs Sly got so mad, and wondered if all this pain was good enough

Then commanded them to increase their labor, did so the guards

Who was going to save them from this crisis,oh they understood the importance of time and did all Possible to keep alive, “stayed focus” one of the men screamed “hope is on its way”.

News began to travel to other province then came a day, where a man visited Omni, kept him informed at the doings of Sly, Omni was disturbed and angry, stood in thoughts, wondered what to do walking to and fro, and to a conclusion came him in an indescribable anger roared loud “Enough I am Omni, the ruler of all province, I will take from Sly that which he cunned my son off and will keep that off his reach to declare his annihilation,

So sent soldiers alongside him to destroy Sly, took off the crown of Sly, wasn’t a context.

Stepped Sly into a cage that he remained all the days of his life,

Oh what joy flooded the hearts of the people, chains broken and all were freed and all Sly’s guards were capture and with him in the same cage as slaves,

From that moment on wards they no longer live in the slavery to anyone but that was a new era , with wounds taking time to heal, and some of them yet not recovered from the torture and fear,

Omni in a loud voice declared “you are all free, stay free and live free; freedom is all yours, no more rules or strings attached to your life, whatever you chose to do or say, in you lays the capacity and your right”

The people filled with joy, screamed louder on the top of their voice “Omni! Omni!! Omni!!!”

The men got back their pride and spoke words,

As strength waxed from within them

“No more shall we be slaves to anyone”

The women chorused “Yes! And nothing will take away our children”

Let loud the drums, oh let the river flow and empty themselves in the ocean,

Whispers of birds, as they make rhymes of melody,

The fowls freely running around

As it rains again on us letting lose our chains to freedom

Swinging roles and fun again is back to our lives they hailed,

Grateful to Omni for all he is done.

So they lived on a simple belief of every man with his thoughts and action,

While some exhale with freedom and joy, other lived in the fear of the past as captives

Though Sly was powerless yet had slaves who could willingly hand over their lives back to him,

In ignorance they did this for years, growing up as I watch all this free people live as slaves

As if they weren’t delivered, I chose not to be like them and stood through the fear and history,Transferred from the generation past to us, so as we don’t forget where we came from,

But that’s not good enough, could see young kids like me who had taken the story more to their innocent hearts and are bind by it now, living their life in fear of the unknown.

So decided to travel miles down history lane to find out what was the cause of this slavery to self,

Little did I know that the answer was within me all this while, ran all over until I came across a voice

The voice was a person and he said, clearly what you seek lies within you,

All you need do was to kill “self”

What do you mean? He kept on saying that “self was an illusion of Sly’s creativity,

All it brings though loud enough inside of you doesn’t exist”

It’s an organized system to see you fall and die a slave you were saved from in the first place

Okay, but how do I kill something I don’t know, can’t touch?

Will help you he said, just listen carefully and do all I ask of you and self will die.

Who are you? I asked, in a still quiet voice, he whispered “a friend and a part of you, will be in you to keep from “Self”

To direct you to all truth, I Am the Helper.

So I killed self by listening to the Helper.

That was how I was accused of Murder,

I died daily to live, for to live is Christ but to die is gain,

As a confession, I did kill “self” and I’m ready to face the consequences.

Oh yes you are “Here is your sentence, “for killing self, you are charged with first degree murder

And you are sentenced to life of peace, love, freedom and eternal life of righteousness.

“Take him away”

Said the Judge.